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How To Travel Smart: 4 Easy Planning Tips

September 26, 2017
A quick and easy blueprint on everything you’ll need before you travel.

If you’ve already decided on a date for your theme park vacation, and read our trip planning tips, you’re ready for our Travel Smart Guide below. It’s a quick and easy blueprint on everything you’ll need before you travel so that you have an exciting, affordable and memorable vacation.

1. Purchase the perfect ticket

Whether you're visiting for a day or staying longer, we have a variety of admission products to fit your needs. Williamsburg, Virginia is a perfect destination for those interested in history. We have multi-day tickets that include our parks plus our historic partners such as Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown (see offer details for more information).

Find the best admission product for you and your family

If you're looking to spend time just at theme park and water park, then our Flex Ticket or Fun Card would be a great option. Choose the right admission product for you and your family. Or, make it a package deal (Tickets + Hotel + Extras) for even more fun.

Bring extra layers to prepare for any kind of weather

2. Pack like a pro

Things to Keep in Mind when Packing Your Suitcase

•   Dress in layers, no matter the season
•   Roll your clothes rather than folding them to save space
•   Leave 1/3 of your bag empty if you’re planning to bring home lots of souvenirs
•   Pack light where you can—our Williamsburg hotels provide many sample-sized toiletries
•   Choose a poncho over an umbrella (trust us, you do NOT want to bother with carrying around an umbrella all day)

Plan for the kids to get wet while at our theme park or water park

Tips for Your Visit to the Park

•   Bring a small bag with zipper closure to hold all your essentials
•   Bring only the necessities into the park: phone, wallet, keys, hand sanitizer, camera
•   Don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat for sunny summer days
•   Bring one water bottle in the park (one bottle per person is permitted)
•   Pack a few packages of crackers in your bag in case the kids (or you) get hungry in between meals
•   Wear your swimsuit to the park under your clothes if water rides are on the itinerary or your think you might want to cool down in one of our splash zones (either way you will get soaked)

Aim to minimize travel costs when planning your vacation

3. Cut down on costs

•   Choose a hotel with free breakfast and coffee
•   Stay in an extended stay hotel or condo so you can cook a few meals rather than having to eat out every meal
•   Utilize ground transportation from one of our nearby airports
•   Avoid baggage fees if you are flying by packing light
•   Look for last-minute hotel and travel deals
•   Instead of multiple rooms, try booking a hotel suite with a pull out sofa
•   Minimize what you bring into the park to make renting a locker easier

Pick a location to meet up if anyone in case you get separated from your party

4. Play it safe

•   Keep phone, wallet and keys in Ziploc bag to protect them on water rides
•   Take a picture of the location sign closest to your parking spot
•   Pick a meeting spot in case someone gets separated

These are just things to keep in mind before your theme park vacation, but make sure you leave yourself some time to simply relax and explore this beautiful, historic area hosting a wide variety of dining, shopping and recreation opportunities. This is a special place; as the parks are situated between Coastal and historic towns alike.

Don’t let planning distract you from noticing the happiness and joy as your family explores. We can’t wait for you to hear the laughter, taste the flavors and feel welcomed by the sense of Virginia hospitality.