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11 Experiences You Won't Want to Miss at Busch Gardens

August 9, 2018
Take a look at our top theme park experiences you'll want to see during your visit.

Arriving at the world’s most beautiful theme park is easy, deciding what to do first is the tricky part. Luckily, this list of the best things to do at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is just what you need to get started.

1. Experience Real Fun on a Virtual Adventure

Slip on your emerald mask (VR headset), hop aboard a dragon and join Addie to save the Magic of Ireland. There's no better way to make a new family memory than battling the forces of evil on the all-new virtual reality ride, Battle For Eire.

Howl to Coexist animal presenation at Busch Gardens

2. Reconnect with Animal Friends

Take a walk on the wild side and watch as our trainers interact with some of North America's predators, including wolves, foxes and more, in Howl to Coexist.

Want more fun things to do with animals? Visit Eagle Ridge, Highland Stables, Lorikeet Glen and Wolf Haven to get your fur and feather fix.

Stop by Sesame Street Forest of Fun for kid-friendly fun

3. Get Along with a Sing-a-long

Bet you didn't think a visit to Busch Gardens would also include a trip to Sesame Street. Everyone's favorite furry friends invite you to sing and dance along in our interactive show for kids, Sunny Days Celebration.

Enjoy classic BBQ food at Trapper's Smokehouse

4. Take Your Taste Buds on a Thrill Ride

Satisfy your hunger for adventure with our wide variety of culinary offerings. Some of our best places to eat include Marco Polo's Marketplace, where you can enjoy Italian, Mediterranean and Asian fare, devour a loaded variety of fresh-cut fries at Les Frites or dig into some good ol'fashioned BBQ at the ever popular Trapper's Smokehouse. With so many restaurants to choose from, there's something for every appetite.

5. Laugh at a New Breed of Comedy

You aren't going to need to look at pictures of cute puppies or crazy cat videos today because our live four-legged furry and feathered friends are sure to amaze you. More... Pet Shenanigans lives up to its title featuring animals rescued from local shelters at their absolute funniest.

Rhine River Cruise and Busch Gardens Railway train

6. Rhine and Dash

Once you're in the world's most beautiful theme park, you'll want to take a nice long look. Soak in all of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's lush landscape. Take a minute and rest your feet on the Rhine River Cruise,train or skyride.

Ride Apollo's Chariot and other world-class coasters at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

7. Enjoy the Adrenaline Rush Hour

Our roller coasters challenge the laws of physics in a thrilling variety of drops, inversions and so much more. With legendary names like Loch Ness Monster and Apollo's Chariot, good luck picking your favorite of all our all-star lineup of coasters.

Water rides at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

8. Embark on Wet and Wild Adventures

Cool down with an exciting splash on one of our water rides. Escape from Pompeii, Le Scoot and Roman Rapids will put you to the challenge... the challenge to stay dry.

9. Stoke the Fyre

Irish eyes won't be the only ones smiling at this cultural display of music, dance and storytelling. Performers put heart and sole into every step of this Irish song and dance we call Celtic Fyre.

OktoberZest German show

10. Make a Haus Call

Stop by Das Festhaus where you can feast on authentic German food, grab one of 30 rotating craft beers at Bauhaus Craft Bier Room and enjoy traditional music and dance in OktoberZest. This dining hall has an entire trip to Bavaria, without needing a passport.

11. Savor Every Season

No matter the time of year, there's always a handful of seasonal and special events to experience. From popular festivals and concerts to Halloween screams and Christmas dreams, our calendar is always filled with fun things to do all year round.

Now that you have an idea of what expect, what are you waiting for? For over 40 years, Busch Gardens has been a part of guests' favorite memories. Come experience for yourself!