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Exclusive Member Ride Nights

April 18, 2018
Members can ride select attractions after the park closes. Learn the when, what and how.

Wouldn’t it be cool to ride some of your favorite attractions after the park closes, when all of the general public has left? Well, as a Member, you can

In addition to guaranteed benefits, Membership Plans also include a wide variety of special monthly rewards and one of the most popular rewards is access to Ride Nights.

2018 Member Rewards


Not sure what a Ride Night is? No worries, it’s simple. On select nights throughout the year, we keep a section of the park open an extra hour or two after the general public has left, exclusively for our Basic, Unlimited and Premier Members.

This year we’ve set up three unique Ride Nights at Busch Gardens and one Splash Night at Water Country USA.  All you need to do to have fun is show up and show your active Membership. Get the most of your Membership and join us for all four.



April 27, 2018 | 8 – 9 pm
Scotland & Ireland Ride Night

Battle For Eire Action VR Ride

Have you experienced our all-new, first-of-its-kind, super awesome, virtual reality ride? Well, now’s your chance. Ride Battle For Eire and feel the wind in your face as you fly around the Otherworld on the back of a dragon in an immersive 360 degree adventure.

After you help save the Heart of Eire on our newest ride, you can take on our most classic ride, the legendary Loch Ness Monster 🎢. Even if you’ve conquered Loch Ness Monster’s interlocking double loops a thousand times over the years, riding at night when the rest of the park is closed is a unique experience.  The park is quiet, the sky is dark and ol’ Nessie somehow feels just a bit faster and scarier.

The Ireland gift shops will be open for exclusive shopping time, and our 21+ year old friends will be happy to know Grogan's Pub will stay open too. For the beer lovers, this is a perfect time to join our new Grogan's Pub Pint Club 🍻.  


May 25, 2018 | 10 – 11 pm
Festa Italia Ride Night

Apollo's Chariot

“Festa” means party in Italian, which makes our Festa Italia village the perfect place to host a Friday night after-hours party, just for Members. We’re opening up every ride in Festa Italia, except for Roman Rapids.  That includes Tempesto for the daredevils, Apollo’s Chariot (my fav!) for the thrill junkies, Turkish Delight teacups for the whole family, and more.

Break-A-Plate, the fun carnival game, and the arcade will be open just to bring out the competitive side of your family (Dad, I’m looking at you 👀). Plus, Roman Frieze will be serving up its frozen treats for some after-dinner desserts. My personal favorite is the waffle cone soft-serve; it always reminds me of summer.


June 22, 2018 | 10 – 11 pm
Oktoberfest Ride Night

It’s the first Friday of summer. You could spend it on your couch, debating what to watch on TV with some takeout or you could add a little excitement and celebrate the start of our favorite season, Oktoberfest style. 

When the general public leaves, what’s left? That’s right, just you and the Oktoberfest rides. Brave the Black Forest on Verbolten as many times as you can handle, or drop 240 feet, the highest point in the park, on Mäch Tower. Next, relieve some stress on Der Autobahn, our bumper car ride, where it’s totally normal (and encouraged!) to bump your family out of the way. All Oktoberfest attractions will be running except for Kinder Carousel.

After riding, stop by our all-new Snack Hutte which will be serving up Nathan’s Hot Dogs, turkey legs, draft beer, frozen cocktails and additional snacks. Or enjoy hassle-free shopping at Verbolten Gifts and more fun with our soccer challenge game.


July 13, 2018 | 8 – 10 pm
Water Country USA: Splash Night

Water Country USA at night

It’s the middle of summer and I bet it feels like it’s gone by quick. Don’t let it go to waste. Cool down on a hot, Friday summer night and splash away on some of your favorite slides and rides.  




Must have an active Basis, Unlimited or Premier Membership Plan to participate. Dates, time and offerings subject to change without notice. Must be 21+ years or older to consume alcohol.