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Meet Our New Park President: 15 Fun Facts About Kevin Lembke

February 19, 2018
Get to know Busch Gardens & Water Country USA's new Park President, Kevin Lembke.

2018 promised to be a great year, and with the launch of a new website, new Membership Program and a lineup of fun-filled events in the works, we have to say that it is indeed off to a pretty awesome start. Behind the scenes, we’ve had a few changes as well. As you may already know, we said goodbye to one beloved Park President and welcomed another in early February.

Kevin Lembke - Park President at Williamsburg Virginia parks

Kevin Lembke joined our team as Park President of Busch Gardens® & Water Country USA®, previously serving as Vice President of Culinary Operations for Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. You may have heard the name before, as he has held several leadership positions, including Vice President of Merchandise here at our Williamsburg parks.

While Kevin has been busy settling into his new role, he didn’t hesitate to give us the time for our somewhat unconventional interview questions:

1. Where did you grow up?

I was born in Buffalo, New York but I grew up in a suburb outside the city called Tonawanda.

2. What is your favorite color?


3. What is your favorite food?

Honestly it's cereal…I eat cereal for breakfast pretty much every day. My wife is also a great cook though so I’m lucky in that regard.

4. What is your favorite sport?

Hockey; I grew up playing hockey and baseball in New York and I’ve always followed my favorite Buffalo teams. Go Bills, Go Sabres!

5. What is your zodiac sign?


6. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Generic cereal brands…they’re not the same! I want Cocoa Krispies®, not chocolate-flavored crisps.

7. What is your favorite type of music?

I’m a big music fan. Going to concerts, especially in the summer, is something I always look forward to with my wife and friends. I love anything acoustic and I’m a fan of mostly acoustic rock or Americana bands.

8. Do you have any secret talents?

I’ve played guitar for over twenty years, does that count? (We certainly think so!)

9. What is your favorite memory at our parks?

I really can’t pick just one memory. I love watching my kids grow up at the park. Each spring my oldest son is always excited to find out which rides he’s tall enough to ride compared to the year before. Being there to ride the big coasters with him for the first time, I think those are my favorite memories.

10. What is your favorite ride at Busch Gardens?

Le Scoot, it’s just a classic.

11. How about at Water Country USA?

I love Aquazoid® because our whole family can enjoy it together.

12. Who inspires you?

There are so many people I could say for this one, but if I have to pick one public figure then it would be Elon Musk. His visions for innovation are truly inspiring and I admire his dedication to pushing the envelope of what is possible. One of his electric cars will be orbiting Mars after being sent into space on a rocket he designed. That’s thinking big!

13. If you could trade places with another park position for a day, what job would you work?

Hmm…I’d like to rock out on my guitar in Britmania. (Our mischievous Marketing team is already thinking of ideas.)

14. What is one important skill every person should have?

Listening; you have to take the time to get to know people and truly listen to them. Too often people listen to respond, rather than listening to understand.

15. Is there anything else you want to say directly to our fans?

I’m excited for 2018. I hope that if you see me out in the park then you will stop and say “hello.” I’d also like to thank all who are part of our Busch Gardens & Water Country USA family. Our people, guests and team members alike, are what make these parks special.