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6 Easy Ways You Can Be an Everyday Hero

April 2, 2018
Here are our top 6 tips on how to be a role model and inspiration at home.

Ireland’s last remaining fairy guardian, Addie, and her dragon friend, Ollie, embark on a journey to recover the stolen Heart of Eire in Battle For Eire, an all-new action virtual reality ride at Busch Gardens®. With courage and determination, they stand up to the evil Balor and his army of Sluagh in an epic battle.

Addie, main character heroine in Battle For Eire action VR ride at Busch Gardens in Virginia

While Addie’s fierce demonstration of bravery brings light back to the Otherworld, there are ways that we, as humans, can be heroes every day. After all, being a hero doesn’t require wings, a friendly dragon or an epic quest; it just takes someone willing to stand up, be strong and lead a courageous effort -- no matter how big or small. The greatest heroes are those who show kindness, humility and valor in everything they do. Here are some examples of things you can do to be a hero each and every day.

1. Always Be On Guard

You must first have the mindset of a hero. Too often we focus on ourselves and our own needs, without noticing what’s around us. Be attentive to your surroundings. You might find you can help better the world by picking up trash or maybe you’ll see someone who needs an extra hand.

2. Help Your Loved Ones

Actions are the best ways to show your loved ones that you care, especially when they are unexpected. Sometimes we don’t realize just how much someone needs a small gesture to brighten their day. So help with the yard work, or volunteer to make dinner from time to time, because these necessary routines are tedious, and your help to lessen the load will be appreciated more than you know.

Help your family at home with tasks and chores

3. Be Kind to Strangers

Being a hero isn’t only about helping the people you know and care for; it’s about showing altruism and compassion for everyone. You never know when a situation will come up that you could help with. Use your skills to help in ways you can—if someone’s tire is flat and you know how to change it then stop and help. If you aren’t familiar with cars, then maybe you can help calling a tow truck. Sometimes someone doesn’t need help at all but a simple compliment or holding a door to let the next person through could go a long way.

4. Find A Cause You Believe In

Donating time to a charitable cause is another great way to do good for the community. Find a volunteer organization in your area and a cause you are passionate about supporting. Opportunities are endless-- volunteer at a homeless shelter, work with animals at a humane society, or help at a nursing home. Every little bit helps and these organizations greatly appreciate it.

Volunteer at a local charitable and/or non-profit organization

5. Every Penny Counts

Donating money to a good cause is always helpful. If you’re strapped for cash, look around your house. Maybe you have donations in the form of old clothes that don’t fit, shoes you don’t wear or toys that have never been played with. You can also participate in a food drive and donate nonperishable food.

6. Inspire Other Heroes

By setting an example, you will encourage others to be more heroic in their everyday actions as well. Be proud of your efforts, share what you are doing with your friends and family know. Help them find items they can donate and invite them along on a volunteer activity. One person can make a difference, but a team can make a miracle.

Become a role model for your community and inspire others to volunteer or donate

Being a hero is not about the title or the acknowledgement; it’s about being kind and giving back to others. With each little action, no matter how tough you look on the outside, you will shine as a hero just like Addie.