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6 Ways to Cool Off This Summer

June 12, 2018
Don't spend your days indoors – learn how to stay cool this summer.

The days are cooler and the nights sizzle at Busch Gardens Summer Nights. Summer is your time to soak in as much fun as possible. We all know how quickly it flies by, so savor every moment spent with friends and family. Make memories, stay up too late & take lots of photos. Don’t waste your days indoors…true summer lovers embrace the sun, and what better backdrop to capture your memories than a sunset beyond the hills of Apollo’s Chariot? But don’t worry, you don’t have to wait for the sun to go down to start your fun. Check out these six ways to stay cool this summer at Busch Gardens:

Escape from Pompeii

1. Take a Plunge

There’s no denying that the easiest way to cool down during the summer is to take a dip in the nearest pool or ocean, but we take it up a notch at Busch Gardens. We don’t take ‘dips’… we plunge into pools of cool water on world-class water rides. Dive 50 feet on our Le Scoot Log Flume, or prepare for an adventurous ending as you tour the ancient Italian ruins on Escape From Pompeii. For those of you willing to get drenched, take a spin under the waterfalls on the whitewater raft ride, Roman Rapids.


Escape from Pompeii splash

2. Enjoy a Spritz or a Splash

One of the greatest photo opportunities in the park (for you pranksters) is to set your friends up by having them pose on the platform in front of Escape from Pompeii, and then capture the moment the boat drops behind them. Just make sure your camera is waterproofed if you’re the one taking the photo! Splash zones and cooldown archways installed throughout the park leave you feeling refreshed from one village to the next.

Spark, laser light show

3. Dance All Night

Top off each evening with an unbelievable experience, Spark, an all-new laser light show presented by Coca-Cola® in the Royal Palace Theatre. Feel the energy come alive as you celebrate a successfully awesome summer day.

Griffon roller coaster

4. Feel the Breeze

It’s no secret that airtime on a roller coaster can give you a freeing sensation of total weightlessness, but that feeling is only amplified at night. Feel the cool evening breeze and be among the stars as you take twists and turns you won’t see coming. Enjoy a park view unlike any other as you are suspended at the top of Griffon, before being launched 90 degrees into the night.

Cool down with a Coca-Cola

5. Treat Yourself

Take a moment to relax under the shaded trees with a refreshing Coca-Cola, or treat yourself to the coolest dessert of the summer—a Freak Shake from Josephine's Creamery de Chocolat is sure to keep you cool on a hot summer day!

Fireworks at Busch Gardens

6. Feel the Beat

When the sun goes down, the music turns up with dance parties every night in France village. The DJ sets the vibe for a fun-filled evening just outside Royal Palace Theatre. Plus, catch fireworks every weekend at 9:30pm.