Mäch Tower

Ride Up Then Drop Straight Down

Mammoth spiraling drop tower

Even before guests enter the park, they can see the massive spire tower over the trees. This thrill ride takes guests on the ride of their lives.

The tallest attraction in the park, Mäch Tower® lifts up to 30 riders nearly 240 feet above Oktoberfest. After rotating at the top of the tower and getting a few seconds to take in the view, riders drop at breathtaking speed.

  • Min. Rider Height
  • Thrill Level
  • Ride Type
    Drop Tower
  • Add-On Available
    Quick Queue

  • Winter Light Displays

    During Christmas Town™, this drop tower ride becomes Nacht Tower - a holiday attraction to see more than eight million Christmas lights at a birds'-eye view. It is the one time of year where there are no sudden drops.