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  • Bier Fest has ended. Please check back later for 2019 dates & details.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Bier Fest?

Bier Fest is a German beer festival at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia. During this event, guests can sample traditional German food, listen to live music, enjoy local craft beers and more.

When is Bier Fest at Busch Gardens Williamsburg?

Bier Fest is Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays August 17 - September 3, 2018.

Is Bier Fest included with park admission?

Yes, our beer festival is included with any park admission to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Where can I buy a Bier Fest Sampler lanyard?

Sampler lanyards can be purchased at any Bier Fest food or beverage location. Samplers purchased online can be redeemed at any Bier Fest food or beverage location.

Where can I use my Bier Fest Sampler?

You can redeem your Bier Fest Samplers at the following locations:

  • Bars in Oktoberfest Village
  • Snack Hutte in Oktoberfest Village
  • Cobblestone Ale and Spirits in Englan
  • Grogan's Pub in Ireland
  • Brauhaus inside Das Festhaus in Germany
  • Best Brezein Und Bier in Oktoberfest Village

Take a look at the participating breweries that are part of Bier Fest.

Ready to sample one of the great beers we have on tap? Purchase your Bier Fest Sampler here!

What time do food and beverage locations open and close?

All food and beverage locations are open on event days by noon and close at park close. Menu items are exclusive to Busch Gardens Bier Fest and are only available during the event.

What kind of beer is available each visit?

The event features over 100 beers which will rotate throughout the event. Not all beers listed will be available during a single visit.

How large are the beer samples?

A beer sample at the Busch Gardens Bier Fest is four (4) ounces.

Can I only purchase sample sizes of the Bier Fest beers?

Beers may be purchased as in two ways, by purchasing the Bier Fest Sampler, a sample of ten 4 oz. pours or full size 20 oz. beers.

NOTE: Individual samples may not be purchase.

Is a proof of identification mandatory in order to purchase alcohol at the Busch Gardens Bier Fest?

Valid proof of identification is required and is implemented at each food and beverage location.

Note:You can cut back on the hassle and time of showing your ID for each beer purchase by getting a Bier Fest ID wristband, available at Cobblestone Ale & Spirits in England or in Oktoberfest village.

Guests with wristbands may still be asked to present identification at individual locations.

What is a Firkin Keg?

A firkin is a type of keg, wooden or metal, used to produce unfiltered beer without nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure. It is laid on its side and tapped horizontally, using only gravity to carbonate and push the beer out. With this, you get a naturally fermented and carbonated beer in a small batch.

Do you think beer tastes better when it comes from a Firkin Keg? Let us know on social media using #BGBierFest.

  • Dates, times, pricing and offerings are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice. See park hours for dates and times, events for available offerings and More Details on products for additional information. You may also contact us online or visit the Welcome Center inside the park.