Join us on Sunday, April 21, as we celebrate Earth Day at the World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park! Throughout the day, engage with our Park Ambassadors at interactive stations, where you'll discover conservation initiatives for home, insights into building backyard habitats, and more.

Sunday, April 21

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Owl

Conservation Station

Discover the importance of Barn Owl Nesting Boxes in fostering the growth of Barn Owl populations and learn how to construct them yourselves. Park Ambassadors will share the best locations to install these boxes in your yards, barns, or buildings. Additionally, guests can pick up Conservation cards to explore deeper into our conservation initiatives, encouraging them to contribute to environmental preservation.

Gazebo Garden - Home Landscaping Tips

Backyard Habitats

Uncover the secrets of creating a sustainable habitat right in your own backyard. Learn the four basic elements needed to sustain Native wildlife, and the art of strategically laying out plants and vegetation to attract vital pollinators like butterflies and other essential contributors to our ecosystem.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Coaster Tree Statue

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Engage with our Environmental Team as you tap into the importance of recycling and the crucial role it plays in preserving our planet. By repurposing materials such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal, we can minimize environmental impact and conserve energy.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Wolf Haven

How to Coexist

Engage with our Zoological Department and discover how we tend for the gray wolves in our care. Get creative with recycled materials like t-shirts by crafting enrichment activities for our Animal Ambassadors. Plus, enjoy coloring activities while learning about the fascinating world of wolves and birds of prey.