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March Construction Update: Finnegan's Flyer & Cutback Water Coaster

March 1, 2019
Check out the progress we have made on Finnegan's Flyer and Cutback Water Coaster, opening May 2019!

Check out the progress on our two all-new attractions opening May 2019

In May, Busch Gardens will unveil a Screamin’ Swing ride called Finnegan’s Flyer™ and Water Country USA will debut Cutback Water Coaster™, Virginia’s first hybrid water coaster. We’re excited to share some major construction developments for both attractions.

This gallery includes construction images as well as photos from S&S Sansei, the Utah-based ride manufacturer of Finnegan’s Flyer. Check back in April for more updates, and don't forget to watch the latest Cutback Water Coaster Surf Report and Finnegan's Flyer World News Report videos featuring the new rides. 

Finnegan's Flyer Construction

An employee at Finnegan's Flyer's Utah-based ride manufacturer surveys the main sheaves for the cable system that moves the arms of the Screamin' Swing ride.

The manufacturer fabricated an assortment of parts for ride construction at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Seen here is a pneumatic piston (front) that pulls the cables up and down and a restraint air tank (back).

Bump sheaves help guide Finnegan's Flyer's cables.

A painter puts some finishing touches on one of Finnegan's Flyer's parts. 

Finnegan's Flyer control panel is ready for installation. 

The massive legs of Finnegan's Flyer will feature elaborate theming. A painter works on some of those details here.


Cutback Water Coaster Construction

Construction crews have completed the winding 856-foot Cutback Water Coaster slide. The white sections are part of the propulsion system that uses water jets to move riders up and down the slides. The ride also features five orange and yellow saucer features. 

A wide shot of the entire Cutback Water Coaster. The attraction starts atop the wooden deck and takes riders down slides and into the finish tub at the bottom. 

The start tub was the final piece installed at Cutback Water Coaster.

Here's a bird's eye view of the start tub being craned into place atop the wooden deck of Cutback Water Coaster.

The start tub before it was lifted into place.

The view from below one of the brightly-colored saucer features of Cutback Water Coaster.