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Top Rides To Experience At Christmas Town

December 5, 2019
Enjoy some of your favorite rides in the glow of more than 10 million lights!

The world’s most beautiful theme park has been blanketed with more than 10 million twinkling lights and is home to some of the best holiday attractions. Even the most bitter of Scrooges can't resist the draw of Busch Gardens Williamsburg Christmas Town with holly jolly shows and more than 25 thrilling attractions open during the season. 

Best rides to see the Lights of Christmas Town from

Busch Gardens Ride Reveal 1
Busch Gardens Williamsburg Christmas Town Express

All Aboard The Christmas Town Express! Grab some hot chocolate before you set off on your 15 minute journey around the park. During this Christmas sing-a-long experience you will see more than two million lights and take in all of the magic of Christmas Town.

Busch Gardens Ride Reveal 2
Busch Gardens Williamsburg Verboten Rollercoaster entrance during Christmas Town

Streak like a comet through the Black Forest on Verbolten but before you plunge 80 feet towards the Rhine River, be sure to admire the beautiful lights reflecting off the water before you speed your way back to the station.

Busch Gardens Ride Reveal 3
Busch Gardens Williambsugr Sky Ride during Christmas Town

Fly over Christmas Town as if in Santa's sleigh and get a bird’s eye view of the twinkling lights on the Skyride

Busch Gardens Ride Reveal 4
Busch Gardens Williambsurg Nacht Tower Macht Tower during Christmas Town

Get a 360° view of Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Nacht Tower is one of the best ways to see the splendor of Christmas Town. There is nothing to fear about this ride during the holidays, guests can just enjoy the 240 ft view from the top with no sudden drops.

Busch Gardens Ride Reveal 5
Busch Gardens Williambsburg Finnegans Flyer Ride During Christmas town

Swing high over the Celtic coast and take in the twinkling lights of the Irish village from above. Finnegan’s Flyer offers a truly unique view of the lights.

Busch Gardens Ride Reveal 6
Busch Gardens Williamsburg invadR wooden Rollercoaster

Santa’s sleigh has nothing on the high-speed wooden coaster, InvadR. As if pulled by all nine reindeer, you will speed past thousands of lights in New France.

Busch Gardens Ride Reveal 7
Busch Gardens Williambsurg Peppermint Twist Spinning Teacups ride during Christmas Town

Take a whirl on Peppermint Twist while the lights of Holiday Hills blur past you as you are swirl in our spinning tea cups ride.


While dashing your way through the park, be sure to make stops to visit Santa and Rudolph. The best way to enjoy a fun-filled visit to Busch Gardens Williamsburg is with a Membership. Enjoy endless fun through January 5, 2020, then come back in the spring to conquer Pantheon, the World's Fastest Multi-Launch Coaster! 

Where to see the lights at Christmas Town