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Test Your Beer Knowledge with Sip & Spin: The Craft Beer Game

August 24, 2018
How well do you know your beer? How about when you are blindfolded? Give our Bier Fest game a spin!

Do you consider yourself a knowledgeable beer drinker? Do you think you can taste the difference between a Stout and a Porter? What about the difference between a Brown Ale and a Lager? If so, then Sip & Spin might be the game for you.

We invited a few of our Stein Club Members to the Brauhaus Craft Bier Room, inside Das Festhaus, to give it a spin (and they were obviously fantastic). How do you think your beer knowledge compares? Find out during your own game of Sip & Spin.


Correctly guess the most styles of beers during a blindfolded taste test for the ultimate win.

Beer flight available for purchase at Brauhaus Craft Bier Room at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

What You Need

•  2 or more teams with an even number of players (ages 21 & older)

•  1 lazy Susan or a table that can be easily moved

•  8 sample glasses or cups

•  Variety of beer

•  Blindfolds (1 for each player)

What's your team name? Can you think of a clever pun?


•  2 teams sit directly across from each other

•  Each team chooses a name for themselves (Beer-related puns are always preferred)

•  Label each sample glass with a beer type and fill it halfway with that beer. Place the beers on the table, evenly spaced.

How to Play

Sip & Spin Beer Game: Team A chooses opponent from Team B

Step 1: Player on Team A chooses a player on Team B to taste

Sip & Spin Beer Game: Player B puts on blindfold before tasting beer

Step 2: Player on Team B puts on blindfold

Sip & Spin Beer Game: Team A spins table of beers to choose beer for Player B to taste

Step 3: Player on Team A rotates the table to choose a beer for the blindfolded player on Team B

Sip & Spin Beer Game: Blindfolded opponent tastes beer and guesses its style

Step 4: Player on Team B tastes the beer and makes a guess on its style. Each correct guess = 1 point.

Sip & Spin Beer Game: Team B chooses opponent from Team A

Step 5: Player on Team B now chooses a player on Team A to guess. Repeat steps 2 – 5 with Team A now tasting.

Sip & Spin Beer Game: Tally up the final score

Step 6: Once all players have tasted, tally up the points from both teams

•  Team with the most points is Winner

•  In the event of a tie, we go to a Sip Off tiebreaker

•  If playing with more than 2 teams, play elimination rounds until the last two winning teams progress to the final round.

Sip and Spin: craft beer blindfold taste test game

Tiebreaker: The Sip Off

•  One elected player from each team takes a sip of the same beer at the same time

•  First one to correctly guess wins the point needed to win the round

•  In the event of another tie, repeat the Sip Off process until a winner is determined.

Toast to the end of summer at Busch Gardens beer festival in Williamsburg, VA

Good luck! And remember; please drink responsibly when playing Sip & Spin. Strengthen your knowledge of beer at Busch Gardens Bier Fest, where you can sample more than 100 beers during Virginia Craft Beer Appreciation Month.

Sip & Spin is a craft beer appreciation game, not a drinking contest. Please drink responsibly. The legal age for buying and consuming alcohol is 21 years old. Therefore, you must be 21 or older to play Sip & Spin.