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Hidden Surprises in Battle For Eire

May 9, 2018
Amid the magic of Ireland lie some fun surprises for those who loved Battle For Eire's predecessors.

There’s more than meets the eye on Battle For Eire™ - the new Action VR Ride now open at Busch Gardens®. Those who have experienced it know that this attraction is unlike any other – a 360 degree adventure combining virtual reality with a motion simulator – the first of its kind in North America. With so much to see, it’s a new experience each and every time you journey to the Otherworld. Still, the magic of Ireland bears more to discover. As you embark on your next adventure, be on the lookout for some of these subtle references and nods to the past that are hidden within the attraction.

The story behind Battle For Eire is based on Irish folklore and in order to make the experience of the Otherworld as authentic as possible, ride designers found inspiration in iconic Ireland landmarks such as the Cliffs of Moher and Giant’s Causeway. Be on the lookout next time you slip on your Enchanted Lenses.

Cliffs of Moher in Ireland vs. Battle For Eire

Giant's Causeway in Ireland vs. Battle For Eire

As we hinted earlier, another magical element of Battle for Eire is that it alludes to a few of Busch Gardens’ previous attractions.

Next time you are lining up to ride, notice the theming in the Leprechauns’ Workroom, the last portal before you enter the theatre. You may notice a few souvenirs that the leprechauns have collected from past years including jurbrillum from Questor, the very first motion simulator ride at Busch Gardens, or a blinking light from Europe in the Air, the attraction most recently housed in the Battle for Eire ride building.

Ode to Duncan McTavish in Battle For Eire ride at Busch Gardens

If you are as observant as we thought, you probably also recognized the name Duncan McTavish (in the photo above) as the bar owner from an old favorite, Corkscrew Hill, former resident of the Ireland village. This isn’t the only Corkscrew Hill reference. When you first meet Ollie, he greets you in a way that may remind you of a certain red-eyed horse, and surely it’s no coincidence that your flight aboard this friendly dragon feels like a trip down memory lane.

Meeting a friend in Corkscrew Hill vs. Battle For Eire

Also, sitting atop of the hills of Ireland there’s a familiar-looking castle…

Ireland castle in Corkscrew Hill vs. Battle For Eire


Spoiler Alert for Battle For Eire
Save the day in Battle For Eire

...You get in on the action when you and your friends must focus your magic to save the day.

This 360 degree experience offers the possibility to see something new each and every time you ride. With hidden references to Irish landmarks and the iconic rides that used to live in Busch Gardens’ Ireland village (formerly known as Hastings), Battle For Eire is truly a must-try magical adventure. We look forward to hearing what hidden gems you find on your next journey to the Otherworld on Battle For Eire.