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Everything you need to know about Shopkins Live! At Busch Gardens

April 3, 2018
The #1 toy in America is hitting the stage with the cutest show around.

Shopkins LIVE! At Busch Gardens Williamsburg

May 5 | Globe Theatre | 11:30 am, 2:00 pm & 5:30 pm

Are your kids on the Shopkins bandwagon yet? My two children have only just recently begun their love and fascination for the collectible toys but it is easy to see why Shopkins is and has been the number one toy in North America for a while now. They are tiny, they are colorful and they are ADORABLE.

When I heard the tiny toy-craze was heading to the stage for a live performance, I knew immediately that my family and I would be attending but I didn’t know much else. You might have questions about the performance and how to get seats, just like I did, so I’m here to give you all the details. 




The concert is free with admission but there are only a limited amount of seats in the Globe Theatre and there are a LOT of Shopkins fans out there. Check out your options below, but I’d recommend purchasing the reserved seats to guarantee you not only get to see the show but at the performance time of your choice as well. Face it, as a parent you have more than enough to worry about already. 

 💺 Reserved Seating

Guarantee an up-close seat for the performance time of your choice. It's $25 per person and available now to purchase. If you have a Membership Plan or an Annual Pass, your discount totally applies and takes the cost from $25 per person down to $22.50 per person.  Just sign in with your Membership account to apply the discount. Not a Member yet? Become one

🎫 Free General Seating

Complimentary general seating wristbands will be available on a first-come, first-served basis on May 5 at Guest Relations before you walk into the park. Ticket distribution for all three performances begin when the park opens and continues until there are none left, so make sure to get there early. Only one ticket per guest will be provided.


Shopkins and Kooky Cookie


The cutest stinkin’ show around. Seriously, have you SEEN Kooky Cookie? Or their dresses!? Oh.My.Gosh. Their dresses! 💖. There will be dancing, original pop songs and even a few interactive experiences too. The show is all about the importance of friendship. You know, just in case you thought it couldn’t get ANY cuter.

The indoor show lasts for just over 30 minutes, which is the ideal show length. You won't have to worry about planning around naps, mealtimes or attention spans (I’m referring to my husband more than my children here).



Shopkins is fun for for everyone


No! My 5 year old son LOVES Shopkins and there’s something in the performance for everyone, including boys and even adults.  I will certainly be that Mom who’s dancing and laughing along.



Family activities


Not only is Shopkins at Busch Gardens May 5 but on the same day they also have a very special Sesame Street event taking place. Or you can experience the all-new 360 degree adventure on Battle For Eire,  a family-friendly virtual reality ride for anyone 42" or taller. If the virtual reality part makes you a bit nervous, don't worry, you can try it without the VR as well.    

Also, don't forget to save some money by registering your 3-5 year olds for a Preschool Pass. It grants your children FREE 2-park admission through Sept. 3. Can't beat that. 


See ya' there! 



*Ticket distribution will begin when the park opens and continue until there is no inventory. Concert tickets are for a specific show time and are distributed on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. A ticket guarantees a seat only for the specific show time printed on the ticket, and does not guarantee a particular seat inside the theater. Tickets are required for entry into the theater, and only one ticket per guest will be provided **Please note - photos and videos are from a separate performance and story, characters, and theming may vary.