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February Construction Update: Finnegan's Flyer & Cutback Water Coaster

February 1, 2019
Take a behind-the-scenes look at the construction progress of Finnegan's Flyer and Cutback Water Coaster.

Two New Rides Coming to Busch Gardens® Williamsburg & Water County USA®

The anticipation is building at Busch Gardens® and Water Country USA®, as both parks prepare for new attractions coming in May. Busch Gardens will unveil a Screamin’ Swing ride called Finnegan’s Flyer and Water Country USA will debut Cutback Water Coaster, Virginia’s first hybrid water coaster.

We have exclusive photo updates as construction progresses at both parks. Check back in March for more updates.

Finnegan's Flyer

Finnegan's Flyer Extreme Swing coming May 2019 to Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Riders will soar high and swing out over the cliffs of the Celtic coast on Finnegan’s Flyer, a Screamin’ Swing ride located in the park’s Ireland village adjacent to the Loch Ness Monster® roller coaster.

This breathtaking attraction features two pendulum-like arms, seating 32 riders that fly progressively higher with each swing. Finnegan’s Flyer will reach a staggering height of more than 80 feet with a speed of 45 mph. Riders can take in beautiful views of the park while being thrilled on this captivating attraction. The dueling arms sway back-and-forth, the ground plummeting into view with each swing. Only the bravest will prevail.

Cutback Water Coaster

Cutback Water Coaster Coming May 2019 to Water County USA

Cutback Water Coaster, the only RocketBLAST coaster on the East Coast and Virginia’s first hybrid water coaster, is coming to Water Country USA.

This revolutionary water propulsion ride will merge two unique technologies – a water jet propulsion system and exhilarating saucer feature – to create a steep, smooth ride through more than 850 feet of slide.

Thrill-seekers board a 4-person raft and travel up and down steep hills, jet through tunnels and speed onto the wide-open space of massive saucer-shaped features. The steep angles of the saucers provide a drop-and-dive sensation as riders race along the edges. Cutback Water Coaster features the latest in turbine technology and takes water propulsion coasters to a whole new level with heart-stopping turns, lightning-fast drops and thrilling speeds.

Finnegan's Flyer Construction

Finnegan's Flyer site construction at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Finnegan's Flyer will be located in the Ireland village, between the Killarney Bridge and the train bridge. Here's an up close view of the ride site as construction crews unload steel from a flatbed truck. Riders will soar high on the Screamin' Swing with bird's eye views of the Skyride and Loch Ness Monster.


Finnegan's Flyer steel support construction at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The Griffon®  lift hill peeks out between two large steel support beams.  

Finnegan's Flyer concrete support columns at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Construction crews install rebar inside one of two massive concrete supports. 

Finnegan's Flyer construction workers preparing support structures at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Excavators move around piles of dirt near one of Finnegan's Flyer's large concrete supports. 

Finnegan's Flyer opening May 2019 at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Workers prepare concrete forms as part of the base of Finnegan's Flyer. The starting position of the Screamin' Swing ride will provide views of Griffon®, Alpengeist® and Loch Ness Monster.

Finnegan's Flyer crane work moving steel structures at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

A crane lifts steel into place as crews work to complete the second of Finnegan's Flyer's large concrete supports. 

Finnegan's Flyer arch work at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The giant arch of Finnegan's Flyer weighs 14,900 pounds. Ride parts will be installed at the site once base work is completed. 

Finnegan's Flyer base work construction at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

With the Ireland village and Killarney Bridge in the background, the steel backbone of Finnegan’s Flyer goes into place. Soon more concrete will be poured to form the base of the Screamin’ Swing attraction

Cutback Water Coaster Construction

Cutback Water Coaster aerial site view at Water Country USA

An aerial view of Cutback Water Coaster's construction site. The ride will be located at the former site of Meltdown®, adjacent to Vanish Point®.

Construction workers assembling slide pieces at Water Country USA

Many of Cutback Water Coaster's parts are being assembled on site at Water Country USA. Here a construction worker seals an enclosed tube section of Cutback Water Coaster.

Slide sections of Cutback Water Coaster being moved from staging site to construction site at Water Country USA

Parts are being prepared for installation at Water Country USA.  Here is an inside view of one of Cutback Water Coaster's tube sections.  


Inside slide view of Cutback Water Coaster

Cutback Water Coaster features the latest in turbine technology and takes water propulsion coasters to a whole new level. 

Tube section before saucer bowl of Cutback Water Coaster

Cutback Water Coaster will stand apart because of its propulsion system and these brightly colored saucer features. This is the point of view riders will see exiting a tube section and entering a saucer.


Saucer bowls, part of Cutback Water Coaster, coming May 2019 to Water Country USA

Two of Cutback Water Coaster's five brightly colored saucers are being constructed at Water Country USA.