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The New Way to Charge Your Phone

June 5, 2018
Keep your phone batteries charged all day long at Busch Gardens with FuelRod kiosks.

Your phone sees a lot of action on a trip to the park. From capturing that perfect video of your friend on Mäch Tower who swears he “isn’t afraid of heights,” to the memory of a first roller coaster ride, you need your phone fully charged and ready to make these moments last forever.

Unfortunately, your phone’s battery can’t always make it through the day like you can. We are here to help, introducing you to the first reusable, portable charging system, FuelRod™, available at Busch Gardens.

How does it work?

Charge your cell phones while at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

1. Head to one of the six FuelRod kiosks located in the park.

•  Lost & Found location in England

•  The exit of Griffon in France

•  Caribou Pottery in New France

•  Oktoberfest Games in Oktoberfest

•  Inside Das Festhaus in Oktoberfest

•  Tempesto Gifts in Festa Italia

FuelRod available at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

2. Purchase a FuelRod from the kiosk.

You will receive a starter kit that includes a battery pack and the necessary connectors to charge your mobile device.

3. Once the FuelRod is depleted, return to any of the kiosks.

Place the FuelRod in the provided slot, and in exchange, you receive a new charged FuelRod.

Take your FuelRod home with you and remember to bring it on your next visit. When you return, you will receive a fully charged FuelRod at no extra cost. You can also exchange your FuelRod at any other FuelRod kiosk location, not just at Busch Gardens.

Your time here shouldn’t be spent wondering if your phone’s battery will last, so treat yourself to the no-hassle FuelRod. For more information about how it works, visit the FuelRod website.

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