Grevy's Zebras at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


Learn about these unique members of the horse family

Spot two species of Zebra on the Serengeti Plain®.

It’s true that no two zebras have the same stripe patterns. See for yourself when you take the Serengeti Express Train, Serengeti Safari® Tour or at Edge of Africa®!

Grant's zebras have stripes down the legs to the hooves. They have broad, dark stripes on a white background that meet under the belly. Herds consist of many distinct groups with strong individual differences within a single population. Family groups are permanent associations and within the family, only the family stallion is permitted to mate with mares in the family.

The Grevy’s zebras have large, round ears. Their stripes are narrow and close together, but do not extend to their bellies, which are white. Grevy’s zebras are the largest of all wild equine species and the most threatened of the three species of zebras.

Location: Serengeti Plain