Group of Elephants


Get an up close look at the largest land mammal

Visit Nairobi to meet the resident herd of Asian elephants. 


Asian elephants are an endangered species with human conflict and habitat loss siting main reasons for future extinction. Get even closer with daily interactions at the Elephant Interaction and Husbandry Wall.

Location: Nairobi

  • Elephant Insider Tour

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    Go behind-the-scenes to meet the keepers and observe how they train and work with these incredible animals in their state-of-the-art facilities. Must be ages 10 & up to participate.

    Get an insider’s look at how Busch Gardens cares for one of the world’s largest land animals. Go behind-the-scenes to meet the keepers and observe how they train and work with these incredible animals in their state-of-the-art facilities.
    Things to know before you go:
    • Anyone 13 and under must be accompanied by a paying adult.

    • 30-minute behind-the-scenes walking tour.

    Due to the nature of this tour, wheelchairs cannot be accommodated at this time. This tour requires significant walking in unpaved areas and on uneven terrain. 

    • Please check in for your tour directly at the Serengeti Outpost in Nairobi (just north of the train station) at least 15 minutes before your scheduled tour time.

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    The Elephant Insider Tour is subject to availability. Limited quantities are available each day.

    Park admission is not included and is required. Prices listed are per person and do not include tax.  Advanced reservations must be made before day of visit. Any “animal experience reservations” can be changed or cancelled once for free as long as the change is 48 hours in advance of the reservation date, but there are charges for changes made within 48 hours or for more than one change. “Animal experience reservations” are nonrefundable with less than 48 hours' advance notice of cancellation.Tours are non-refundable if guests miss their tour time. If you have any questions or need to adjust your reservation, call (813)884-4FUN(4386). All tours are subject to availability. Animal interactions and program components may vary. All tour components and pricing are subject to change.  
    Get up-close to elephants
    Prices Starting at
    Guest (ages 10+) $29.99 /ea.

Ask an Educator about Elephants

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How do elephants communicate with each other?

Elephants communicate with each other in many ways.  There are several forms of visual communication such as ear flapping and tossing their trunk.  Elephants can communicate over long distances using infrasonic sounds that we are unable to hear in addition to loud trumpeting and low rumbles.  Elephants also utilize tactile communication, or touch to communicate with each other.  

What do elephants eat?

Elephants eat a variety of vegetation such as banana plants and bamboo along with fruits and vegetables.

Are Asian elephants endangered?

Yes, the Asian elephant is endangered.  There are around 35,000 Asian elephants remaining in Southeast Asia.  The increasing human population leads to the destruction of forests creating human elephant conflict.  In addition to clearing land for villages and farming, commercial demand for palm oil, rubber, and hardwoods strip the elephants of habitat and resources.