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Connect with animals in a way unlike anywhere else with a tour today.

If you love animals as much as we do, you’ll find all sorts of ways to connect with those in our care. Trek across the Serengeti Plain® in an open-air vehicle. Our animal attractions and Behind the Scenes experiences include a diverse range of animal encounters plus animal and theme park tours, all which you can check out below.
  • See Giraffes up close with the opportunity to feed them

    Serengeti Safari

    Trek across the 65-acre Serengeti Plain on an open-air touring vehicle in this popular Tampa tour

  • Fireworks over Iron Gwazi

    NEW! Summer Celebration Elite Tour

    Experience endless energy and thrilling rides with an ultimate Busch Gardens nighttime adventure as our guest of honor for this exclusive seven-hour guided tour.

  • Howl O Scream Behind The Scenes Daytime Tour

    NEW! Howl-O-Scream Behind The Scenes Tour

    Calling all goblins and ghouls! Find out what goes into the scares on this daytime, lights on, Howl-O-Scream Tour.

  • Festive Cuisine

    Bier Fest VIP Tour

    Enjoy the best of Busch Gardens' Bier Fest with a VIP Tour Guide who will escort you throughout the park to sample a variety of beer styles and flavors.

  • Cheetahs at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

    NEW! Cheetah Insider Tour

    Get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into taking care of the fastest land animal in the world.

    • Up-Close Animal Encounter
  • Orangutan swinging on a rope

    NEW! Orangutan Insider Tour

    Swing over to Jungala and get an insider's view of the group of orangutans that call Busch Gardens home.

    • Up-Close Animal Encounter
  • Kangaroo

    NEW! Australia Insider Tour

    Go behind the scenes of Kangaloom and meet some of Australia’s iconic animals.

  • Sloths at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

    NEW! Keeper for a Day Tours

    Go behind-the-scenes to meet our Animal Care Specialists and observe how they care for these incredible animals.

  • Animal Ambassador Insider

    Animal Ambassador Insider

    Join our Animal Care Experts on an interactive training session to see unique Animal Ambassadors demonstrate their wild behaviors and adaptations.

  • Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay offers a unique blend of world-class roller coasters, live shows and more than 12,000 animals.

    Elite Adventure Tour

    This seven-hour private tour is the most exclusive way to experience Busch Gardens

  • Go on the Animal Care Center Tour at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

    Animal Care Center Tour

    Get an inside look at Busch Gardens' state-of-the-art Animal Care Center and learn what it takes to care for thousands of animals.

  • Sloth hanging from a log at Busch Gardens

    Sloth Encounter

    Join the keepers and meet sloths behind the scenes of Animal Connections

  • Rhino Endangered Species Tour

    Private VIP Rhino Safari

    Join the keepers and meet giraffes and rhinos on a unique off-road private safari

  • Gorilla Insider Tour

    Gorilla Insider Tour

    Take a journey into Myombe Reserve® for an insider's view of Busch Gardens' Gorilla troop and learn how their animal care specialists enrich the lives of these critically endangered species.

  • Hippos at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

    Hippo Insider Tour

    Join our animal care specialists for this popular Tampa tour of up-close and exotic animal experiences

  • Group of Elephants

    Elephant Insider Tour

    Learn how Busch Gardens cares for one of the world’s largest land animals

  • Busch Gardens Tampa bay tortoise tour

    Aldabra Insider Tour

    With this animal attraction you can enjoy an up-close encounter with one of the largest tortoises in the world.

  • Penguin Insider Tour

    Penguin Insider Tour

    Go behind the scenes of Penguin Point and meet our penguins

  • *Animal interactions and program components may vary.