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Gift Shops & Souvenirs

Discover a collection of cool gifts and keepsakes

Explore more than a dozen unique boutiques, specialty shops and more.

Some people get a rush from roller coasters. For others, it’s from shopping. Fortunately, we’ve got both covered. Get that souvenir T-shirt from your favorite ride. Find unique and unexpected treasures. Explore a collection of gifts. And find fun ways to remember your stay. 

Iron Gwazi Merchandise

Iron Gwazi Gifts

After plunging from a 206-foot-tall peak into a 91° drop and reaching speeds of 76 miles per hour, take a break to browse Iron Gwazi merchandise in the ride’s gift shop! This gift shop includes Iron Gwazi ride apparel, trading pins, and souvenirs. The gift shop also contains retro-style merchandise that pays homage to the original dueling wooden coaster.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Create customized furry friends to take home as a lasting memory of your day at the park. The Moroccan Village shop boasts exclusive Busch Gardens clothing and accessories, including t-shirts & special carriers, along with the whole experience of choosing, stuffing and naming your new furry friend!

Busch Gardens Build-A-Bear Workshop is not a participating location that honors Build-A-Bear gift cards, promotional offers or sales.

Kariba Marketplace

Kariba Marketplace

Located between Stanley Falls Flume and SheiKra, Kariba Marketplace is the perfect place for souvenirs after taking a dive on these thrilling attractions. Shop for Busch Gardens merchandise and gifts or cool down with a refreshing ice-cold beverage.

Shop at the Emporium at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


Your one-stop-shop for all things Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay. Explore an array of souvenirs, apparel, hats, jewelry, accessories, gifts, toys and stuffed animals.

Shop at Marrakesh Market at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Marrakesh Market

Trendy, eclectic and funky, you never know what you'll find at Marrakesh Market!

Shop at Xcursions at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


Explore unique offerings from around the world in this original Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Conservation shop that includes Guy Harvey merchandise and more!

Shop at Nature's Kingdom at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Nature's Kingdom®

Nurture your love for nature and culture with your favorite animal sculptures, authentic African carvings, instruments and home décor!

Tigers Treasures at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Tiger Treasures Gift Shop

Discover unique, tiger-inspired souvenirs at Tiger Treasures gift shop. Filled with apparel, toys, and more; there's something for everyone. Located near Tigris in Stanleyville.

Abby's Treasure Hut

Cobra's Crypt Marketplace

Check out the marketplace at Cobra's Curse®.

Painted Camel Bazaar

Painted Camel Bazaar

Offering wandering travelers all the treasures of Pantopia®.

Cobras Crypt

Abby Cadabby's Treasure Hut

Find great Sesame Street® gifts and souvenirs for the little ones!

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