A family feels the water splash onto them as they sit on a yellow and black water ride called Congo River Rapids at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay theme park, located in Florida.

Ride and Attraction Schedule Updates

Ride and Attraction Schedule Updates

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is open 365 days a year. Use the information below to find out which rides are open today or if there are ride closures at the park. For the safety of our guests, attractions occasionally close for scheduled improvements and general maintenance.



Phoenix: Until further notice 
Kumba: February 24 - March 6
Bumper Cars: March 9 - 10
Bush Flyers: March 23 - 27
Rosita's Fly Away: March 30 - April 3
Snuffy's Elephant Romp: April 6 - 10
Serengeti Express Train: April 27 - May 1
Sand Serpent: May 4 - 8


Schedule subject to change.

  • Jungle Flyers in Jungala is currently closed. The Orangutan Outpost, Tiger Lodge and Tiger Trail habitats, as well as the Bengal Bistro restaurant and Tiger Treasures gift shop will remain open for guests to enjoy.