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Horror-filled haunted houses are back with a vengeance. New and returning favorite houses await your demise, but the scares don’t stop there. Unspeakable horror lives in every dark corner of the park - there’s nowhere to hide. With frightful scare zones, roaming hoards and Florida’s wildest rides at night, screams await at every turn.

Warning, intense content - Howl-O-Scream is intended for a mature audience.

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Stranglewood Estate

Every town has its share of ghost stories—and this one is no different. Once a lively home filled with laughter and lavish parties is now filled with darkness and the spirit of evil. Welcome to the Stranglewood Estate.

Stranglewood Estate

Death Water Bayou: Blood Moon - The Final Phase

The werewolves are clawing their way back in and the blood moon is in its final phase. Beware all who enter the inescapable fate of the Death Water Bayou.

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Werewolf at the Death Water Bayou

The Residence: Home for the Holidays

Merriment turns murderous at this suburban family home. Christmas arrives earlier than ever this year at The Residence, and all-new horrors are eager to be unwrapped. Holidays are best when spent with loved ones, but there’s no guarantee you’ll survive this silent night.

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The Residence Haunted House

The Forgotten

Victims will be drawn into a hidden world beyond the rubble and rocks of an unsuspecting quarry, where dark secrets lurk in the shadows. Will those who enter return to the world of the living or are they destined to become the newest minion of the Forgotten army?

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The Forgotten Vampire

Witch of the Woods

Something wicked this way haunts…an ominous legend summons you with her inescapable curse. Curiosity has brought many travelers into this dark forest, but only bone-chilling stories & dying screams make their way out.

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Scare Zones

Shows & Entertainment

Howl-O-Scream Game Host on stage with frightened guests
All-New Show

50/50: Choose Your Fate

No matter your choice— he wins, and you lose. Join the game show host as he decides your fate and experience the fright of a lifetime.

Fiends Show


These captivating creatures of the night will infect you with dance fever and keep your pulse pounding with their raucous dance party.

The Rolling Bones

The live performance of this skeleton band lights up Dragon Fire Grill with epic covers of classic rock anthems.

Cirque X-Scream

Cirque X-Scream

Cirque X-Scream features exhilarating acts and stunts, including trampoline tricks and aerial performances.


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