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Guy Harvey Weekend

  • Painting on the Wild Side featuring Guy Harvey

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    Enjoy an artist’s adventure on December 17 during Painting on the Wild Side: Featuring Guy Harvey, where you’ll meet Guy Harvey before embarking on a 60 minute painting session with a local artist.

    • Meet and greet with Guy Harvey
    • Exclusive commemorative gift and 2 complimentary wine vouchers (or if under 21, unlimited fountain drinks)
    • Personal canvas & paint to participate in the painting session led by a local artist, Nik-Kia Thomas

    Pass Members save 10% on this experience. Please log in to see discounted pricing. 

    Offer and price subject to change and/or cancellation without prior notice. Price does not include taxes or service fees. Park admission is required and not included. Only Valid for reserved date and time.
    Reservations Limited
    Guest $59.99 /ea.

More Information

  • About Guy Harvey

    Widely recognized today as the world’s finest marine wildlife artist, Guy Harvey combines his unique artistic talents with his background as a marine biologist, diver, photographer and angler, to create marine wildlife art with an unmatched authenticity and visual appeal. His childhood passion for the ocean and its living creatures not only inspired him to draw, but fueled a burning interest that prompted a formal education in marine science. Guy’s personal observations from his diving expeditions have helped him capture, with his brush, the kind of detail his paintings are famous for. In addition, Guy’s talent as a cinematographer has allowed him to share his observations through the production of educational documentaries — plus his hit television series "Guy Harvey’s Portraits From The Deep."

  • Guy Harvey and SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment® Partnership

    SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment® and Guy Harvey together are focused on ocean health and the plight of sharks in the wild.  The two organizations have partnered to raise awareness of these important issues, and collaborate on science and research to increase understanding of how to better protect these critical predators and their habitats.

    “We are thrilled to gain the support of the SeaWorld team as we continue to bring educational initiatives and conservation efforts to life” said renowned scientist, marine wildlife artist and conservationist Dr. Guy Harvey. 

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