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Conservation Weekend
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is gearing up for an exciting weekend as it hosts its first-ever Conservation Weekend. Guests will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the park's conservation initiatives and can engage in exciting outdoor activities such as Rain Barrel Painting, utilizing a Reverse Vending Machine, and participating in a Horticulture Q&A Session, all aimed at promoting stewardship of the natural world. On Saturday, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about conservation research with our staff Veterinarian, Dr. Spriggs, and have the opportunity to experience meet-and-greets with renowned marine biologist Guy Harvey! In addition to these exciting activities, guests will also have the chance to get up close with an Indigo snake on Sunday, which promises a memorable and educational experience, all included with park admission.

Friday - Sunday

Included with park admission

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Conservation Weekend Activities

Girl next to rain barrel

Rain Barrel Workshop

What is a rain barrel? A rain barrel is a system that collects and stores rainwater from your roof that would otherwise be diverted to storm drains and streams. Runoff is the number one cause of pollution in our streams because it carries fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals. Rain barrels can be used to collect the water and reduce runoff. Coca-Cola Beverages Florida has donated 55-gallon syrup drums and you will have an opportunity to paint one of these rain barrels in Gwazi Plaza at Busch Gardens on Saturday, April 20th, and Sunday, April 21st. All are included with park admission.

Recycle Your Cans and Bottles in Park for a Surprise Gift

Coca-Cola Beverages Florida is making it easier for you to recycle any can or bottle this weekend with their reverse vending machine. Simply place your empty aluminum can or plastic bottle into the machine and watch and listen as it gets crushed inside the machine. Once it’s flattened, the material is easier to recycle and begin its next life. The reverse vending machine will be available in Gwazi Plaza at Busch Gardens on Saturday, April 20th, and Sunday, April 21st. For every can or bottle recycled guests will receive a fun surprise gift in return!

Meet Guy Harvey, renowned artist & conservationist

Meet Guy Harvey at our Xcursions Gift Shop at select times on Friday, April 19th, and Saturday, April 20th. Learn about Guy’s dedication to conservation and his passion for marine wildlife. Explore unique Guy Harvey merchandise, some items at 30% off, at Xcursions, and also stop by for an autograph & photo with Guy. Included with park admission.
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Gorillas on the Line – Answer the Call

Join us in answering the call, and help save gorillas in the wild by donating your old cell phones and other devices. These devices contain coltan, a mineral used to power small electronics. Coltan is mined all over the world but especially where gorillas live. Mining in these areas can contribute to gorilla habitat destruction. We can reduce the demand for this mineral by recycling electronics. Busch Gardens is collecting cell phones and other small electronic devices such as; smartphones, iPads, iPods, tablets, Apple watches, adapters, headphones, etc. for recycling. Answer The Call and bring your small devices to the Animal Care Center at Busch Gardens. After donating don’t forget to enter our raffle for a chance to win a painting made by one of our gorillas!

Meet our Horticulture Professional

Busch Gardens is known for its beautiful landscaping. Meet Scott O’Brien, our Manager of Horticulture, on Saturday, April 20th, and Sunday, April 21st as he talks about what it takes to grow a native garden and how it can benefit bee and butterfly pollination. Scott will also share information about our bee feeders and why they are so important and discuss what it takes to grow a successful butterfly garden. Included with park admission.
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Join Our Zoological Animal Professionals

Conservation Research:
Be part of an exclusive insight session with Dr. Spriggs, a member of our World-Class Veterinarian team, and discover numerous ways you can contribute to our mission!

All About the Indigo Snake:
Visit the Animal Care Center and discover the fascinating world of our magnificent Indigo snake, and the vital role they play in supporting our ecosystems!

Gorillas on the Line:
Ring Ring! Join Zoo Specialist Sarah Ashley as she explores the significant impact of donating your old cell phones on gorillas worldwide!
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