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Garden Gate Café

Sit back & relax in the center of the Bird Gardens.

Pair a cold craft brew with an oven toasted sandwich or fresh baked pizza.


Relax with a lavish lakeside view while you sip on a craft brew and enjoy oven toasted sandwiches, fresh baked pizza, chips & queso, soft baked pretzels and much more! Specialty wines and ice cold soft drinks are also available at Garden Gate Cafe.


Garden Gate Café is temporarily closed.


Restaurant closed on select days. Menu subject to change without prior notice. 

  • Cuisine
    Pizza & Sandwiches
  • Dining Style
    Counter Service
  • Seating Area
    Indoor & Outdoor
  • Adult Beverages
    Cocktails & More

  • Plan Ahead!

    Allergen Information

    To best serve you and ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay offers several allergen-friendly, prepackaged items for your special dietary needs. Learn more by visiting our Allergen Information page.