Ring-Tailed Lemurs at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


Lemurs can be found throughout Busch Gardens

Watch these primates play at the Edge of Africa!

A lemur, also known as a prosimian, is an active, tree-dwelling primate whose fur is soft and ranges in color from reddish brown to gray and black.Their nose and whiskers are similar to those of a cat, and they maintain primitive primate features such as a small brain and prominent nose.

Wild lemurs can be found in tropical rain forests and dry thorn brushes throughout Madagascar; specific ranges vary according to the different lemur species. A lemur’s diet is predominantly vegetation such as fruit, leaves and flowers, but they do occasionally consume insects and small vertebrates. There are distinct male and female hierarchies within a lemur troop; however, female lemurs always win in the case of territory or other disputes within a society.

Location: Edge of Africa & Animal Connections in Nairobi