Cheetah Hunt A long distance view of the yellow and green Cheetah Hunt roller coaster ride at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, located in Florida.
Roller Coaster Insider Tour

Get a behind-the-scenes view with our unique theme park coaster tour

This unique roller coaster tour will give you an inside look at select roller coasters throughout the park. For a limited time only!

Explore new heights with a tour of three major coasters at Busch Gardens. Get an insider look and stand inches away from one of the main launches of Cheetah Hunt. Then experience a tour of the control room and ride Cobra’s Curse. Finally, go behind-the-scenes to see the inner-workings of Montu. The Roller Coaster Insider Tour includes:

  • Tour of three major attractions (Cheetah Hunt, Cobra’s Curse, and Montu)
  • Behind-the-scenes views of maintenance areas, control panels and more
  • Includes a single-use front-of-line access to each roller coaster (guests must meet all ride requirements)
  • A one hour experience
  • Close-toed shoes are recommended for participation in this experience