Cobra's Curse Cobra's Curse Roller Coaster
Cobra's Curse

Come face-to-fang with this spinning roller coaster!

Imagine a coaster where no two rides are alike. You’re on it. Change your ride by changing who you ride with on this thrilling steel serpent. This one-of-a-kind roller coaster features a menacing 30,000-pound snake king and a 70-foot vertical lift that will take riders within inches of its 3 foot-wide eyes and 4-foot-long fangs. During the three-and-a-half-minute ride, the coaster trains speed along at 40 mph down 2,100 feet of serpentine-like track, traveling backward, forward and then spinning freely.

Riders will experience a new spin with each ride. Each train spins randomly, with frequency and direction determined by the rider weight distribution. This roller coaster's air-conditioned queue naturally fuels adrenaline with an immersive themed experience and a state-of-the-art snake exhibit.

Height Restrictions: Riders must be 48” tall to ride Cobra’s Curse® alone. Riders 42” tall may ride with a responsible person 14 years of age or older.  

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Ride Cobra's Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Ride Cobra's Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Ride Cobra's Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Ride Cobra's Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


Guests using manual & electrical wheelchairs who would like to ride should see the Park Ambassador at the attraction entrance. For more information on ride restrictions, service animal access or physical requirements, view our Accessibility Guide.

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