Dining Deal and Experiences at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Dining Deals and Experiences at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Food Allergen Information

To best serve you and assure a safe and enjoyable dining experience, we encourage you to read our Food Allergen Information below.

What To Do

First choose where you'd like to eat. Second, upon arriving at a chosen food venue go straight to the cashier and ask to speak with the supervisor to give them details about your allergen concerns. Third, determine and choose a meal that is safe for you. Fourth, enjoy a safe meal suggested by the supervisor.


Cross Contact

To make sure your meal is free from any cross contact, request to see a supervisor and have them explain the food preparation process. Next, order your food with the supervisor to make sure your meal is prepared free of any cross contact.


Safety Tips for Your Trip

Follow these tips to allow us to best serve you and ensure a safe and great dining experience with us!


  • Talk to the supervisor of the food facility upon your arrival at park
  • Plan your meals at slow times of the day to better assure your meal is prepared correctly.
  • Never hesitate to ask about cross contact potential
  • For additional allergen information, contact us at [email protected] or (813) 884-4FUN.



Designated Dining Facility

Busch Gardens Tampa’s Designated Allergen Friendly Location is Dragon Fire Grill & Zambia Smokehouse.

Contact Us

Have questions? For more information, contact us at [email protected] or (813) 884-4FUN.