Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay offers a unique blend of world-class roller coasters, live shows and more than 12,000 animals.

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Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay is the ultimate family adventure, offering 300 acres of fascinating attractions based on exotic explorations around the world. A unique blend of thrilling rides, one of the country's premier zoos with more than 12,000 animals, live shows, restaurants, shops and games, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay provides unrivaled excitement for guests of every age.

  • Corner of Busch Boulevard and 40th Street
  • Two miles east of Interstate 275 at the Busch Boulevard exit
  • Two miles west of Interstate 75 at exit 54
  • One hour from Orlando via Interstate 4 West
  • Thirty minutes east of area beaches and Tampa International Airport


$20 - General parking for cars, motorcycles, trucks, recreation vehicles and campers (FREE for Annual & Platinum Pass Members)
$26 - Preferred parking ($13 for Annual Pass Members; FREE for Platinum Pass Members)
Free parking for tour buses

*Preferred parking is subject to availability

Park Hours

Normal park hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a 365-day operating schedule. Hours are extended during select weekend, summer and holiday periods. 


For general park information, call 1-813-884-4FUN (4386), or visit buschgardenstampabay.com


Strollers, wheelchairs, lockers and pet kennels are available for rental. Wheelchair seating is available at all facilities, and assisted listening devices are offered at several attractions. Diaper-changing and baby-nursing areas, first aid, automated teller machine, and taxi and bus parking may be found on-site. 


Busch Gardens Tampa Bay tickets can be purchased at any ticket window at the front gate of the park or guests can purchase tickets online at buschgardenstampabay.com that allow guests to directly enter the park without waiting in line.

Social Media

Be the first to know about new events, special deals and future announcements by following the park’s blog or “Like” the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Facebook page and follow @buschgardens on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Private Events

Unexpected Encounters. Unbelievable Events. With world-class attractions, award winning entertainment and unique up-close animal experiences, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay offers customizable venues and diversified culinary offerings to provide fully immersive experiences for events from 75 – 20,000 guests.

Call (813) 987-5523 to book your next corporate, youth or social event. 

Rides & Roller Coasters

Cobra’s Curse®: The parks newest attraction, Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay puts a spin on family thrills with Cobra’s Curse. This one-of-a-kind spin coaster feature a 70-foot vertical lift and taking riders on a whirlwind adventure of exciting explorations. Located in the Egypt area of the park, explorers will come face-to-face with an 80-foot snake icon, and discover the mysteries of an Egyptian archaeological excavation.

Falcon’s Fury®: Located in the heart of Busch Gardens, the centerpiece of Pantopia™ is Falcon’s Fury®, North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower. This one-of-a-kind ride stands at 335 feet and takes riders soaring straight down. Like its bird of prey namesake, at the ride’s highest point, riders pivot 90 degrees in midair to a face-down dive position. An instant later they plunge 60 mph straight down.

Cheetah Hunt®: Experience a new breed of speed, with Florida’s first triple launch coaster, Cheetah Hunt. This mega-attraction begins at Cheetah Run® where guests are just inches away from the world’s fastest land animals. It’s a new point-of-view guaranteed to get anyone’s heart racing. Next take a seat on Cheetah Hunt and join nature's fastest and most agile predator as it races across the Serengeti. This one-of-a-kind themed launch coaster climbs high above the African landscape and then races down along the ground and through a rocky gorge. With another burst of acceleration, guests leap over awestruck bystanders and head for home. It’s a 4,400 foot sprint that will take your breath away.

SheiKra®: North America’s first dive coaster sends riders through a breathtaking three-minute journey 200 feet up to the edge of a 90 degree drop—and that's just the beginning. “Floorless” cars give riders an unobstructed view of the 70 mph rush through an Immelmann loop (a simultaneous loop and roll), a second, vertical drop into an underground tunnel and a water feature finale, all packed into a half-mile of steel track.

Kumba®: After the blood-curdling thrill of an initial 135 foot drop, riders will plunge into a diving loop, feel a full three seconds of absolute weightlessness while spiraling 360 degrees, and tear through one of the world's largest vertical loops.

Montu®: Riders will feel the ultimate rush on one of the tallest and longest inverted roller coasters in the world! Guests experience the thrill of an inverse diving loop and a 60-foot vertical loop while they endure speeds of more than 60 mph.

SandSerpent: Families love the curves, drops and corkscrews of Sand Serpent, a five-story “wild mouse” style coaster in Timbuktu. With its top speed of 22 mph and 46” height requirement, Sand Serpent is the perfect ride for a child’s first coaster experience.

Air Grover: A junior coaster full of fun turns, mini-dives, perfect for parents and kids to ride together.

Scorpion®: Riders will feel the “sting” of Scorpion's terrifying 60-foot drop and 360-degree loop at incredible speeds.

The Wild Surge: Guests launch out of a 35-foot mountain crater above a towering waterfall for a thrilling view of Jungala’s® village below.

Jungle Flyers: Young adventurers choose from three different flight patterns to soar high above Jungala’s® village.

Congo River Rapids®: Guests will encounter the swift-flowing white water of the Congo River Rapids. They will spin through a geyser and face an ominous waterfall and other thrilling obstacles in a 12-person raft.

Stanley Falls Flume®: This log flume whisks the whole family through a splashing trip ending in a 40-foot drop that's sure to get everyone soaked.

Animal Attractions

Animal Care Center: Busch Gardens® welcomes guests to closely observe and even take part in the animal care experience in the Animal Care Center. From nutrition to treatments, X-rays to surgeries, much of Busch Gardens’ animal care is now conducted in guest view in this new state-of-the-art facility.


Animal Connections: Animal Connections is the hub for up-close animal interactions and real-world conservation opportunities. Guests of all ages can connect with animal ambassadors, hand feed flamingos and observe the natural behaviors of exotic species while learning how the park and the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund protect their counterparts in the wild. 

Serengeti Plain®: This habitat is home to many exotic African animals, including reticulated giraffes, rhinos, wildebeests, antelope and ostriches, which can be seen from the Serengeti Express Train, Skyride, Serengeti Safari® and various walkways. The 65-acre environment includes expansive berms; tiered and open landscapes covered with native and African grasses, scrub trees and shrubs; rock outcroppings and bluffs replicating natural formations; and naturalistic creek beds and mud banks.


Jungala®: Jungala is four acres of fun filled with up-close animal interactions, a three story maze of rope bridges and nets for kids to climb, two signature rides and live entertainment. Guests come face-to-face with orangutans and get an up-close look at the majestic tigers. It’s an unforgettable adventure and an extraordinary mix of discovery and fun in the only jungle in the world that plays with you.


Myombe Reserve®: Enter the lush forest where gorillas and chimpanzees are viewed in this naturalistic rainforest habitat. Tour the Great Ape Domain amid waterfalls and through shrouds of mist and fog to get an up-close look at these majestic primates.


Edge of Africa®: This habitat offers a walking safari where guests can experience hippopotamus, lions, lemurs, meerkats and crocodiles in natural habitats themed around an abandoned African fishing village.


Walkabout Way®: Visitors will discover unique animals indigenous to the Land Down Under at Walkabout Way, an immersive animal attraction. Guests can hand-feed playful kangaroos and free-roaming wallabies in Kangaloom during scheduled feedings throughout the day. Children must be at least five years old to enter and enjoy this area.


Bird Gardens: This area features almost 500 tropical birds from around the globe. Guests will get up close to a variety of species in the free-flight aviary, and be amazed by the brilliant sight of a flock of flamingos.


Lory Landing: The domed habitat showcases a variety of brilliantly colored birds including several species of parrots, including lorikeets, as well as hornbills and pheasants in both free flight and observational environments. Purchase a cup of nectar at the entrance and get ready for unforgettable photo opportunities.



Opening Night Critters: Busch Gardens® Tampa’s newest live stage show Opening Night Critters takes the stage in Pantopia Theater, featuring rescued dogs, cats, birds, a horse, a kangaroo and more. The stage hands in this fun family show quickly discover that working with these animals isn’t as easy as they had originally thought. Try as they might, they can’t get their costars to cooperate and when nearly all hope is lost, their kindness and compassion is rewarded when everything falls into place for a fun-filled, furry and feathered finale.

Elmo Rocks: Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay brings together everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends, Elmo, Zoe, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, on a rock-fueled adventure filled with family-friendly fun and great music.


Turn it Up!: The Moroccan Palace is now home to Turn It Up! This all-new, original ice show vibrantly celebrates summer with contemporary performances, aerial moments and eclectic pop music.


Rock A Doo Wop: The Doo Wop era created some of the greatest hits in the history of music. Before the days of iPhone, CD’s and music videos, these classic songs were sung on every street corner in America. Let us take you back!

Other Attractions

Pantopia™: Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay transports guests to an all-new, reimagined land, Pantopia™, which boasts elaborately-jeweled theming and features thrilling rides and attractions, sensational new food and beverage options, exciting entertainment, shopping, a renovated indoor theater and more.

Sesame Street® Safari of Fun™: Join everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends at Busch Gardens® for a family-friendly African adventure filled with kid-size rides and cool water fun. Dip and dive through the desert on the Air Grover junior coaster. Climb and play in Elmo’s Tree House. Splash and refresh in Bert and Ernie’s fun-filled water play area. Watch your Sesame Street friends in African-inspired shows—and share a hug or a meal with these lovable characters.

Tree Top Trails: With climbing nets, bridges, crawl tubes and a multi-level maze for bigger kids, plus a soft water-play area for younger children, this three-story family play area in Jungala® allows visitors to explore the different levels of jungle life.

Skyride: View the spectacular scenery as you fly through the air in a cable car that runs between the Cheetah Hunt area and the Congo on the opposite side of the park.

Serengeti Express Train: See the beauty of the Serengeti Plain® as you make a round-trip journey from our Nairobi train station on a replica locomotive.

Dining Highlights

Serengeti Overlook Restaurant & Pub: At the Serengeti Overlook Restaurant, guests can choose their dining experience with a hot, ready-to-eat buffet offering something for the entire family, or relax and choose from a list of eight signature entrées. The Serengeti Overlook Pub, located on the main level, features grab-and-go offerings, including pizza, crispy chicken tenders, salads and a variety of fresh sandwiches.


Dragon Fire Grill & Pub: The Dragon Fire Grill, located in Pantopia, features market-style dining. The menu includes Italian, American, Southwestern and Asian cuisine. Choose from shrimp lo mein, rotisserie chicken, flatbread pizzas, paninis and more. And don’t forget to stop by the new grab-and-go station featuring Starbucks® coffee.


Twisted Tails Pretzels: Home of the Bacon Pretzel Fury – a must have treat for every member of the family! Travelers can also dive in to fresh-rolled pretzels and breads, pretzel dogs and other delectable delights celebrating all things pretzel. Plus, take the plunge with specialty dipping sauces, including our very own Beer Mustard Sauce. Once you have the perfect pretzel sauce combination, take your pick of expanded assortment of craft beers or other beverages and snacks.


Lynx Frozen Treats: Indulge in delicious flavored Sno Cones or a Dippin Dot Sundae. Spoil yourself with our signature smoothie, as and other sweet and salty treats.


Kettle Corn: Drop in and enjoy a display station where kettle corn and other flavored popcorns are popped fresh daily. The scent of fresh Kettle Corn fills Pantopia™ daily at the namesake eatery. Listen for the bell, which means a new batch is ready! While you’re there, pick up other guest favorites like Grab and Go snacks, wraps, corn dogs, and soft serve, a long line up of Safari Freeze flavors, Coca-Cola® products, beer and plenty of other refreshing beverages.


Lunch with Elmo and Friends (Seasonal): Families can share lunch with Elmo and Friends on select days at an outdoor dining facility in Sesame Street® Safari of Fun™. Fill up on hugs from everyone’s favorite characters, delicious food served buffet-style and family together time during these unique dining experiences. The menu includes items sure to please both adults and kids alike. Reservations are encouraged for this family experience.


Bengal Bistro: Parents can sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious lunch while their young adventurers explore Jungala®. At this cafeteria-style bistro, the Busch Gardens®’ culinary staff freshly prepares the lunch menu, offering Catch of the Jungle fish, wraps and sandwiches, salads and vegetarian options.


Orang Café: Guests will watch endangered Bornean orangutans swing across their habitat from the patio of Orang Café. Whether it is snack items or entrees, Orang Café’s menu is designed to be “kid-siderate.” Children will appreciate the family-friendly menu items like “dirt sundaes,” chicken “stripes” and bug candy. The menu also includes assorted fresh fruit, wraps and other entrees.


Zambia Smokehouse: Visitors can witness the power of SheiKra®—America’s first dive coaster—as they dine on delicious barbeque. The 500-seat indoor/outdoor Zambia Smokehouse makes guests part of the action, as diners sit directly beneath the wings of the legendary roller coaster. Entrees include chicken, beef brisket and the park's famous ribs, all slow-smoked for hours over real hickory and oak.


Zagora Café: Head to Zagora Cafe in Morocco for a variety of tasty food options. Breakfast, lunch or dinner! Try fresh-from-the-grill hamburgers, cheeseburgers and fajita wraps, plus a variety of sandwiches, salads, healthy alternatives and desserts!


Sultan’s Sweets: Guests start the day at Busch Gardens with a steaming cup of gourmet coffee and muffins, cinnamon buns and pastries made fresh daily in the park. As they stroll through the shop, guests will feast their eyes on an incredible array of sweet treats including hand-made candies, cakes and the deliciously decadent Wild Indulgence Fudge.


Exclusive Park Experiences

Tour packages create fun and fascinating behind-the-scenes explorations that give guests a unique insider perspective. From connecting with endangered species to front-of-line access at the most popular attractions, Busch Gardens® has a tour for every member of the family.

Penguin Insider Tour: Join our warm weather penguins and their trainers behind the scenes to get an insider look into a day in the life of an African Penguin. Discover what it’s like to care for such a unique bird and learn how our parks help protect this endangered species in the wild.

  • Tour length: 30 minutes
  • Open to guests ages eight and up
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible
  • Group Tour; Maximum guests per group is 8
  • Adults and children: $29 per person, plus tax

Tiger Insider Tour: Get an insider’s view of how Busch Gardens trains and cares for tigers. Meet the keepers and join them behind the scenes to see how they work with these unique animals and learn about the efforts being done to save these amazing creatures.

  • Tour length: 30 minutes
  • Open to guests ages five and up
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible
  • Group Tour; Maximum guests per group is 12
  • Adults and children: $29 per person, plus tax

Heart of Africa: Journey into the Heart of Africa during this 75 minute unique walking tour and get up close to hippos, cheetahs and lions, some of the most intriguing animals in Africa. Meet the keepers and join them behind the scenes to truly appreciate the size, strength and intelligence of these amazing animals.

  • Tour length: 75 minutes
  • Open to guests ages ten and up to participate
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible
  • Group Tour; Maximum guests per group is 12
  • Adults and children: $39 per person, plus tax

Animal Care Center “Behind The Scenes”: Ever wonder how Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay’s animal care team cares for the more than 12,000 animals that reside at the park? Now you can get the insider experience at our state-of-the-art Animal Care Center and be immersed in the veterinary world of one of North America’s largest and most respected zoological facilities. This 75-minute, “behind-the-scenes” tour will show you what happens when animal expertise is combined with passion.

You will get to see what the park’s veterinary and zoological staff does every day, including getting an in-depth look at the lifesaving treatments, comprehensive medical exams and enriching programs for some of Busch Gardens’ most popular animal residents, as seen on the hit TV series The Wildlife Docs! You’ll also get hands-on with some of the hi-tech tools and equipment at the Animal Care Center.You’ll even get to try your hand at identifying radiographs (or X-rays) of some of Busch Gardens’ animals.

Through this insider tour, you will get a better understanding of what it takes to care for all of the animals that call Busch Gardens Tampa Bay home.

  • Tour length: 75 minutes
  • Open to guests ages eight and up to participate
  • This tour is wheelchair accessible
  • Group Tour; Maximum guests per group is 8
  • Adults and children: $29 per person, plus tax

Serengeti Safari®: This 30-minute open truck tour offers guests a unique look at the 65-acre Serengeti Plain® habitat. Guests will encounter African wildlife up close and may have the opportunity to hand-feed giraffes with the help of an expert guide. Be prepared for amazing photo opportunities, as this adventure creates memories that last a lifetime!

  • Tour length: 30 minutes
  • Please contact the Adventure Tours Center for available times throughout the day
  • Open to guests ages five and up
  • Group Tour; Maximum guests per group is 18
  • Adults and children: prices change seasonally from $29 to $44 per person, plus tax and pass members receive a 10 percent discount

Serengeti Night Safari Tour (Seasonal): Feel the power of the night as you venture through the Edge of Africa with your guide to witness the active nighttime behaviors of two of Africa’s most iconic animals: hippos and lions. Then climb aboard your safari vehicle to explore the Serengeti Plain and see giraffe, zebras and rhinos on your unforgettable night tour. After your amazing animal adventure, cozy up around a roaring bonfire to hear colorful tales of African folklore. Open seasonally.

  • Tour length: 2.5 hours
  • Begins after sunset on select nights
  • Adults:$74.99 per person, plus tax, adults must be at least 21 years old
  • Park admission is not required

Elite Adventure Tour: Your group will meet with your personal guide and map out your customized Busch Gardens adventure. Whether you are an animal enthusiast excited to meet animals or a coaster fanatic eager to skip the lines, you will get to see the best of the park in a personalized way. Begin your day with a continental breakfast. Then set out on an all-day private experience that features front-of-the-line access on rides and up-close encounters with natural wonders on a Serengeti Safari® . Also, enjoy a complimentary lunch at one of our restaurants. Your group will enjoy everything there is to do at Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay.

  • Tour length: up to 7 hours, beginning at park opening
  • Also includes continental breakfast, bottled water and free general parking  Private tour, with the exception of the Serengeti Safari
  • Guests must be at least 5 years of age to participate in the Serengeti Safari
  • Minimum number of guests is 2
  • Front-of-the-line access does not include first row seating.
  • Adults and children: $199 per person, plus tax

Guided Adventure Tour: Join a guide who knows every inch of Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay for the ultimate adventure. Groups of up to 15 can enjoy everything there is to do at Busch Gardens with a guided tour and front of the line access to most of our major roller coasters for the ultimate adventure. Stop by for lunch at one of our family favorite restaurants and renew your energy for your upcoming Serengeti Safari® . Travel the wide and wild Serengeti Plain® in an open truck. Get up-close to fascinating animals like zebras, giraffes and ostriches while learning about other exotic animal species who share our world.

  • Tour length: 5 hours
  • Departs daily at 10:30 a.m.
  • Group tour with up to 15 participants
  • Guests must be at least 5 years of age to participate in the Serengeti Safari®
  • Adults $99 per person, plus tax

Keeper for a Day Tour: Be a Keeper for a Day and let our zookeepers share their passion for animals with you. Feel your own love for animals grow along with your understanding of the human/animal connection. Spend a day participating in the care and feeding of some of the world's most exotic animals. Share in the rewarding sense that comes from knowing you've reached across the barriers between species through the common language of love that unite us all.

  • Tour length: 6.5 hours
  • Departs daily at 6:30 a.m.
  • Must be at least 13 years of age and 52 inches tall to participate. All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Other restrictions apply.
  • Adults and children 13 and older: $249 per person, plus tax

Elephant Insider Tour: Enter our state-of-the-art facilities and join our elephant keepers for some Elephant Insider perspective on how Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay cares for one of the world’s largest land animals. Observe training methods and see the keeper/animal connection in action as trainers and elephants relate and communicate.

  • Tour length: 45 minutes
  • Departs daily at 10:30 a.m. from the Serengeti Outpost
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible
  • Adults and children 10 and older: $29, plus tax


For additional tour information please contact our reservations center at (813) 884-4FUN.