Pillowcase trick-or-treat bags

This easy do-it-yourself trick or treat bag is perfect for Sesame Street Kids’ Weekends at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay! Using an old pillowcase can be a fun family activity and you are supporting the environment by not using single-use materials or plastics that are hard to recycle.


To prepare for this family activity, take a look around your house and see what kind of materials you have. Fabric or regular markers? Glitter, glitter glue, bedazzles, or sparkles? What about fabric or regular paint?


Some items we recommend:

  • Fabric glue
  • Glitter pens and fabric markers
  • Fabric stickers for Halloween
  • Sequins
  • Elmo and Abby stickers, which we used fabric glue to glue on to the pillowcase. If you are savvy with a heat-transfer sheet, which you can buy at most genernal merchandise or fabric stores, you can print the stickers with your favorite characters and iron them on! Here are some examples of Elmo stickers that you can download and glue on to your trick-or-treat bag:

Elmo Stickers 

Step One:

Grab an old pillowcase or buy one that you might want to fit a theme to.


Step Two:

Cut our your pillowcase handles.

Lay the pillowcase flat on a table and at the open end of the case, cut an L-shape from either side. Leave 3-4 inches in the middle of the open end, which you will tie (or sew if you want to) to make the handle after you decorate.

At the top or open part of the pillowcase, the edges off, leaving 3-4 inches in the middle of the pillowcase handles.

Step Three:

Decorate! Get as creative as you want! For a fun family project with younger kids, try gluing on one of the outlines provided below with fabric glue. Kids can use markers or fabric markers to color in their favorite characters.

Elmo and Abbey Color-Ins

Don't know where to begin? Here are some Sesame Street® outlines and color-ins to print out and get you started!