Visit our gray wolves at Wolf Haven! Visit our gray wolves at Wolf Haven!

All About Wolves

Wolves are included in the genus canis, which includes coyotes, jackals and even domestic dogs! 

Did you know that several critical wolf populations in North America have been making a comeback? Wolves were hunted for many years, driving the populations down into dangerously low numbers. With the protection of the Endangered Species Act and limits on hunting, these keystone predators have returned to areas of their historic range and continue on the road to full recovery.

Learn more about wolves, including where they live, how they hunt, and how we can help continue the conservation of these incredible animals.


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Wolves Resources

Gray Wolf

Saving a Species: Wolves

Learn about one of the most successful species on the planet, with intelligence and adaptability that put them on top of the food chain, Wolves in this episode of Saving a Species video series.

Video Series


Teacher Toolbox

Looking for some resources to complement your lessons? This teacher toolbox includes vocabulary, discussion-starting questions, classroom activities and more.

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Visit our gray wolves at Wolf Haven!

Gray Wolves at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Visit our gray wolves at Wolf Haven . Don’t miss your chance to say hi to Beo, Boise, Kaya, Kitchi, and Maska!

Meet Gray Wolves

Maned Wolf

Animal Bytes

Check out these one-page fact sheets about these incredible wolves.

Gray Wolf

Maned Wolf

Visit our gray wolves at Wolf Haven!


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