• Apollo's Chariot
    Apollo's Chariot
    Battering Ram
    Loch Ness Monster
    Finnegan's Flyer
  • Coasters & Rides Galore

    Check Out The Rides
  • Kid-Friendly Fun

    Abbey Cadabby from Sesame Street®

    Sesame Street® Forest of Fun

    Reunite with your favorite Sesame Street friends in this fun-filled land full of activities and attractions for families of all ages. Enjoy physically-distant photo opportunities with your furry friends in festive Halloween attire.
    Visit the Forest of Fun


    Contactless Trick-or-Treating

    Contactless Trick-or-Treating

    Enjoy Trick-or-Treating in a fun environment for kids! This year, trick-or-treating will be modified to ensure that candy is distributed in a safe and healthy manner.
    Available 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM; Saturdays 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM and 3:00 - 7:00 PM


    The Little Balloons

    Kid-Friendly Rides

    Younger adventurers will find endless fun while soaring through the crisp fall skies on rides like The Little Balloons, The Little Gliders, Prince Elmo's Spire, Oscar's Whirly Worm, Grover's Alpine Express and Bert & Ernie's Loch Adventure.

  • Experiences

  • Ghoul at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    Roaming Ghouls & Goblins

  • Scarecrow and Pumpkins

    Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt

  • The Highland Stables

    Learn More About The Horses
  • Carolee Vitaletti Art

    Learn More about Carolee

Specialty Food & Drinks

  • Fish and Chips and Shrimp Po Boy at Halloween Harvest Busch Gardens


    Best of Food & Wine (Grogan's Grill)

    • Shrimp Po'Boy

    • Fish and Chips

    • Cheddar Hush Puppies

    • Frozen Dirty Shirley

    • Ginger Limade


    • Pretzel Bites with Beer Cheese

    • Spiked Irish Cream Tea

    • Draft Beer

    Emerald Isle Wine Tasting

    • Selection of wines from multiple regions and countries

  • Beer at Halloween Harvest at Busch Gardens Williamsburg


    Frost Bar (Open 3:00 PM - 12:00 AM on Saturdays; 5:00 - 9:00 PM all other event dates)

    Frozen Alcoholic Drinks:

    • Vampire Bite

    • Bahummy Mummy

    • Creepy Colada

    • Bloody Daiquiri

    • Screech Bellini

    • Witch Brew

    • Frozen Larry's Lemonade

    • Frozen Angry Orchard 

    • Draft Beer Beer & Wine

  • Mixed Drinks at Jack's Night Cap

    Italy & Festa Italia

    Jack's Nightcap (Open 3:00 PM - 12:00 AM on Saturdays; 5:00 - 9:00 PM all other event dates)

    Specialty Alcoholic Drinks:

    • Bloody Sangria

    • Green Demon

    • Syringe & Test Tube Shots

    • Wine

    Vesuvius Grill

    • Ruben Slider

    • German Meatballs

    • Frozen Lemonade

    • Draft Beer & Wine

    Desert Offerings (Roman Frieze)

    • Soft Serve Ice Cream (Basic Vanilla and Scary Cone)

    • Pineapple Whip

    • Floats

    • Boozy Floats

    • Boozy Pineapple Float

    • Caramel Apples

    • Cookie Dough Cone

    • Dipped Treats (Rice Crispy, Cookies, and Marshmallows)

    • Cookies (Snickerdoodle & Chocolate Chunk)

    • Hot Chocolate

  • Get your tasting card for the Busch Gardens Halloween Harvest

    5 or 10 Sample Tasting Card

    The best way to experience all the specialty food and drinks is with a Sample Tasting Card! Taste your way through the Busch Gardens Halloween Harvest and treat yourself to 5 or 10 food and drink samples. Delight in frightfully decadent dishes and thirst-quenching drinks.


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