From Concept to Ride: The Creation Process of Battle For Eire

December 27, 2017

As you know, I’ve been providing behind-the-scenes updates from Battle For Eire™ - Action VR Ride, the one-of-a-kind virtual reality attraction coming to Busch Gardens® Williamsburg in spring 2018.

Today I want to share some beautiful and intricate images I came across from some of the most recent work the design team has completed. The final product is close at hand, as you can see from these pictures. I hope you enjoy.

Addie, the attraction’s main character, has really developed throughout the design process. You can compare how far she has come. The first picture below is from the early stages of the project. The second is more recent. Notice the detail on her wings. Isn’t it amazing?

Early animated rendering of Addie, Battle For Eire virtual reality ride

Addie - Battle For Eire

Here are a few images of Ollie, Addie’s dragon sidekick. The first picture is from the early stages of the project. The second, more detailed, image is more recent.


Ollie, Battle For Eire character concept art


Ollie - Battle For Eire

Stay tuned for more character details.

I’ve also been able to get my hands on some pictures of the settings Battle For Eire will take you through during your journey. From the Castle Abbey seen below …

Castle Abbey - Battle For Eire

To Balor’s Grotto seen here.

Balor's Grotto - Battle For Eire

I must admit, I’m impressed. There are so many great elements to this attraction that are still to be announced. Check back soon for more behind-the-scenes updates.