World Wildlife Day at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

March 3, 2023 by Shaniah T, Busch Gardens

It’s World Wildlife Day, and being one of North America’s largest accredited zoos, we just had to celebrate accordingly! The Busch Gardens Zoo team works to support AZA conservation efforts every day through our promotion of SAFE programs (Saving Animals From Extinction), educational tours and events with park guests, population sustainability work for threatened and endangered species, and our amazing focus on animal wellbeing for species within our care. In addition, the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund provides over $1 million each year to conservation programs around the world, supporting rescue, rehabilitation, conservation education, species research, and habitat protection across the planet. With over 200 species here at the park, there’s always a wild adventure just waiting for you to experience. That’s why we took to our ambassadors and encouraged them to share some of their favorite animals that they come across while at the park, and asked them “What does Conservation mean to you?” Keep reading to see what they shared!

“I love my job at Busch Gardens mainly because of the amazing animals! I love that I get to be a part of the wonderful team that makes it all possible.”

World Wildlife Day at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

“The Serengeti Safari is my favorite animal experience because you learn so much about a large variety of animals and how the company is helping to try and keep some of these species from becoming extinct. The wealth of knowledge that you receive from going on one of these tours is amazing. Getting to hand-feed a giraffe is pretty awesome as well.

To me, conservation means trying to protect animals as well as their environments. We can do this by being conscious of how we dispose of waste, supporting animal causes, and protecting their food sources. Animals need to feel safe in order to be able to propagate their species.”

World Wildlife Day at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

“I had a longtime love of animals. I especially love penguins! They are smart and playful creatures. I love the habitats at both Busch Gardens and where you can be up close and personal while keeping these amazing animals safe. It is so important that we have programs to protect animals like penguins through both zoological programs as well as educational and protective programs to help with endangered animals and their habitats. We need to be able to enjoy these animals for years to come and leave a legacy for our children.”

World Wildlife Day at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

“Old selfie next to one of my favorites, our Ruby ❤️ To me, conservation means to protect our wildlife. Helping to maintain amazing species and their habitats.”

World Wildlife Day at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

“I am super lucky to go to work every day and have the opportunity to walk around the park and see our amazing animals. Being able to see them every day and learn from our Zoological experts is truly inspiring. I am very proud to work for a company that puts conservation and animal welfare at the top of the priority list.  

Many of my photos are taken before the park opens, and after 40+ years of working at the park, you begin to notice each animal has its own personality, and at times I even think they recognize me when I visit their habitats in the mornings.

I think a few of them enjoy the photo opportunity.”

World Wildlife Day at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.World Wildlife Day at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

“My favorite animal is the giraffe! They are very gentle giants and remind me of dinosaurs, especially if you see them at night. 

To me, conservation means trying to reduce my carbon footprint by using reusable water bottles and bags. Working here has brought me closer to the conservation effort with some unique animals and has given me the opportunity to get up close with animals I would never have gotten the chance to meet without working here.”

World Wildlife Day at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

“I think penguins are uniquely cool and depending on the species, they can live anywhere in the world! Conservation can help generations to come to learn and experience the world while helping it grow.”

World Wildlife Day at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.


We are so proud to have such ambitious and passionate ambassadors, and to see them share their stories. Next time you’re here at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, snap a photo at your favorite animal habitat, and share it with us on social media! We’d love to see your adventures and learn what conservation means to you too. See you soon!