Wallpaper Wednesdays at Busch Gardens Tampa

October 19, 2022 by Shaniah T, Busch Gardens
Warning: Cuteness overload ahead! 

ICYMI, There's a new baby rhino here at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, and he is already thriving on the Serengeti and is FULL of personality! 💙 He still doesn't have a name yet, and we want YOUR help deciding. Remember to cast your vote if you haven't already! 

In the meantime, here are some fun facts about him and some downloadable wallpapers for your viewing pleasure:

  • He has LOTS of energy.  He spends quite a bit of his day running circles around his mom.
  • He has been exploring EVERYTHING on the veldt, including investigating all the species. He's also been playing in the tall grasses, rolling around in the mud wallows, and splashing along the banks of the lakes.
  • He's been making friends with the other members of his crash. Kisiri (mom) has been slowly introducing him to the other rhinos.
  • He LOVES to take his naps curled up next to Kisiri’s face and/or belly.  He'll snuggle right in, and Kisiri will keep watch while he naps. 


Stay tuned for more Wallpaper Wednesday and rhino updates!