Everything But Rides

July 19, 2018 by Taylor M., Busch Gardens

The sunshine state doesn’t always live up to its name in the summer: one moment it’s blue skies and the next, it’s storming! Rain or shine, we aim to make every day a memorable one at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Here are a few tips on what to do at the park when weather gets in the way.


Busch Gardens is proud to offer world-class entertainment and award-winning shows.

Near the front of the park? Check out Turn It Up! Cool off next to the ice as you tune in to top hits and watch an incredible ice-skating show in Moroccan Palace.

Watch Turn It Up! at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 

In the Pantopia or Congo area? Choose between two shows in the Pantopia area: Push Play, a high-energy singing and dancing show, or Opening Night Critters, a theatrical tale where mischievous animals take over the show.

Push Play Dinner Show at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 


Although there are over 12,000 animals that call Busch Gardens home, some habitats are more easily accessible during weather than others.

Animal Connections is a shaded area where you can find our animal ambassadors, including flamingos, sloths, and even juvenile alligators! The Animal Care Center is another great area nearby which serves as the animal hospital for the entire park. Witness exams and procedures or even learn about animal diets while steering clear from the rain.

The Animal Care Center at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Myombe Reserve is another fantastic area to see animals up close, all while staying away from the rain. Located right across from the Moroccan Palace, it’s the perfect place to stop by on the way in/out from seeing Turn It Up!

Baby Gorilla at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


When in doubt, snack it out. That’s how the phrase goes, right? Scrumptious snacks are available no matter what area of the park you’re in, but here are a few of our favorites.

Sultan’s Sweets: from housemade fudge to unlimited choices of candy, you can’t go wrong with stopping by this shop near the front of the park. If you’d rather enjoy something savory, Twisted Tails is nearby with delicious pretzels, including the Bacon Pretzel Fury which is just as amazing as it sounds.

 Bacon Pretzel Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

SheiKra Eats: rainy day or not, there’s always time for funnel cakes. This place has an amazing funnel cake topped with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and strawberry-kiwi drizzle!

Funnel Cake at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 


Beer is BACK: There’s nothing that ice cold, FREE beer can’t fix. Guests can enjoy two complimentary beers at Garden Gate Café! Get it before the keg runs out on August 5!

Beer Is Back at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 

Brew Club: The all-new Busch Gardens Brew Club features craft brews, light snacks and available Brew Club memberships in Serengeti Overlook Pub. Whether you’re a member or not, you can still sip from more than 20 on tap brews!

Brew Club at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 

If rain really gets in the way of your fun, feel free to visit Guest Relations at any time during your visit and one of our ambassadors would be happy to assist in brightening your day.