The silhouette of two elephants walking in front of a setting sun Elephants walking in the sun

All about Elephants

Elephants are the world’s largest living land animals, known for their massive size, large, fan-shaped ears and elongated trunks.  Their tusks are two large incisor teeth that extend towards the ground and are used for digging, uprooting trees, dominance displays, and defense.  Female elephants often live in herds, led by a matriarch. Elephants are a keystone species, vital for the survival of other organisms in the ecosystem, making their conservation an important and complex issue. 

Learn more about elephants, including where they live, what they eat, and how we can help continue the conservation of these incredible animals.


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Elephant Resources


Teacher Toolbox

Looking for some resources to compliment your lessons?  This teacher toolbox includes vocabulary, discussion-starting questions, classroom activities and more.

Teacher Toolbox


Saving a Species: Elephants

Take a look at all sides to learn about elephants, their habits, and their environments. We’ll meet people who are passionate about protecting elephants--from local villagers, to researchers in Africa and the United States.

Video Series


Animal InfoBooks: Elephants

Explore the eye-opening facts about elephants, the Earth's largest land animal.

Elephants InfoBook

African Elephant

Animal Bytes

Check out these one-page fact sheets about these incredible mammals.

African Elephant

Asian Elephant



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