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Cheetahs are known for their speed and are the fastest land animal on earth. Did you know they can reach speeds up to 61 miles per hour? Cheetahs possess an enlarged heart, oversized liver, adrenals, bronchi, and lungs, and large arteries — adaptations necessary for an animal that relies on explosive speed to capture prey.  They once roamed much of Africa and Asia but are now endangered due to loss of habitat, lack of prey food and human interaction.


We’ve assembled a collection of diverse and engaging cheetah resources on topics such as: Awesome Adaptations, Population Dynamics, Endangered Species, Genetic Diversity, and Habitat Protection.


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Cheetah Resources

Cheetah with cub

Teacher Toolbox

Is a cheetah an herbivore or a carnivore?  Where do cheetahs live?  This Teacher's Toolbox contains a broad variety of instructional resources to complement your cheetah adventures, including a list of vocabulary words, links to video resources, and educational activities.

Teacher Toolbox

Pair of cheetahs

Saving a Species Video Series

This episode explores the design and performance as well as the lives and challenges faced by one of the world's foremost predators, the cheetah.

Saving a Species: Cheetahs can be watched in multiple parts or as a full episode.  Looking for quiz questions to ask before and after each episode segment?  Check out the Pre- and Post-Viewing Questions in the Teacher Toolbox. 

Video Series

Cheetah on a rock

Animal InfoBooks

Learn about cheetahs — a high performance cat with amazing speed.  Dig deeper into scientific classifications, specialized adaptations, what these amazing animals eat, and more.

Cheetah InfoBook

Cheetahs at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Cheetahs at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

A coalition of cheetahs lives in Tampa Bay!  At Busch Gardens, park guests can get closer than ever to the world's fastest land animal.  The cheetahs can be seen lounging, playing or chasing at Cheetah Run, located near the Cheetah Hunt attraction. 

Learn More

Cheetah face


Schooling at home? Keep your students engaged with these cheetah-themed activities.

Sea lions being released on a beach

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation InfoBook

Learn more about SeaWorld's rescue and rehabilitation, and how it impacts sea turtles, sea lions, dolphins and many other animals.  Get a sneak peek into the life of the animal rescue team, the regulations behind rescue efforts, and how animals get returned to the wild.

Rescue and Rehabilitation InfoBook